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If Medical Privacy (Or Anti-Bullying) Matter Then You Can’t Just Mask Unvaccinated Students

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A reader sent me this, and they have a great point. SNHU, that’s Southern New Hampshire University, says it values medical privacy. That is why they won’t tell anyone how many of their 113,000+ students are vaccinated. They will, however, require unvaccinated students to wear a mask.

We won’t tell you, but we’ve marked them for you ‘cuz privacy.

Some thoughts from the reader.

With every right not to receive the covid vaccination under law, I am happy to announce that Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) allows unvaccinated students on campus.  However, the unvaccinated students have to wear a mask.

This is like wearing a scarlet letter on campus.


We’ve been addressing that problem a lot today. Earlier I published some links from NITZAKHON on the branding of unvaccinated folks from athletes to everyday folks to prohibit them from everyday tasks.

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As a private entity, they say they have every right, and it is not discrimination. [But] a decision not to get vaccinated is my medical information, and that is private.

They wouldn’t give me the number of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated students on campus because of privacy,  but they were willing to tell me the ratio is very low. But by forcing the unvaccinated students to wear a mask is calling out their medical information to be public and disregards their privacy.

Students are told to go elsewhere if they don’t like it. This is 24 days before move-in, by the way. They just announced the policy last week, which would really give no time to find a new college home. As residents of the school, we are considered residents of NH, but again they say they are their own private entity and can force you to wear the mask.

The reader was curious about that last bit in particular. About how as students in the state, they are considered residents.

Here is my response.

This is a lie.

Almost every democrat and a few Republicans want you to appear as a resident but only for voting purposes. The assumption is that a super-majority of college students (if permitted) will vote for Progressive candidates – which is true.

Even with the demands for universal vote-by-mail or vote from anywhere (mandatory absentee ballots), you are asked to vote in NH, not at the address from where you applied for school or from where you’d “learn” remotely or live when school is not in session or locked down.

If you do not have a permanent residence in the state from which you can be called for Jury Duty or where the IRS sends you tax documents, you are not a resident, but SNHU is a very liberal place. UNH is no different. UNH charges students they want to vote here out-of-state tuition rates. You are not residents.

And no, the same people who want your vote have no interest in giving you any other privileges that would come with the title of resident other than those that advance their party politically.

I’m sorry you have been misled into thinking they were concerned about any right other than their right to steal your vote and leave you hanging.

We will, however, try to shine some light on this. Your medical privacy claim is legitimate and protected by HIPPA. I would also suggest looking into SNHU’s anti-bullying policies. “Labeling” students with masks could be a form of intimidation and shaming that violates these policies.

One other point. If SNHU takes any taxpayer dollars for grants or funding or (possibly even) tuition, they may be required to follow the law – but you’ll need lawyers and courts to work that out, and most students cannot afford that, certainly not after paying the on-campus tuition and housing rates charged by SNHU.


I should add that the State Constitution Article 2b says you have an inherent right to privacy. No one has tested what that means but any test will require lawyers and a lengthy court battle.

I’m sure SNHU and any other such entity know this.

As with any other demographic, be it black, Hispanic, female, gay, whatever, you are only of use if you are of use. Teachers are demigods, but only if they join the reunion and toe the Democrat party line.  Feminists who oppose abortion or transgender women (men) in women’s sports are no less evil than Trump supporters.

There is only one line and millions of ways to cross it going the wrong direction.

Not one identity class is of value to Democrats outside politics, including students, their privacy, or any other actual right.

Giving them more of what they want will only make that worse, not better.

So, if medical privacy (Or anti-bullying) Matter then you can’t just mask unvaccinated students. The response to this appears to be to mask everyone which contradicts the full-court press to get The Jab in the first place. Get Janned and no more masks.

Wait, now you need masks.

In other words, the CDC is just the Democrat party, changing the landscape to suit the politics, science nor common sense having any relevance to anything they say or do.