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Health Freedom NH – Bills to watch on Monday, March 1st

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Note: at Tuesday night’s reboot of our GrokMeetup series, I met a couple of ladies that said they were part of Health Freedom NH and wanted to get the word out on some bills that they wanted to bring to peoples’ attention.

I may not agree with all of their issues but I can certainly get behind all of their recommendations on the bills they list.


First, what IS health freedom? Health freedom is medical privacy, freedom from medical mandates, informed consent, free speech, bodily autonomy, striving for scientific integrity, and the right to choose alternative medicine.

Founded in 2016. We are a local, grassroots group, challenging ourselves and our communities to improve health and freedom. A few ways we have raised awareness in NH: presented documentaries at freedom-loving establishments, demonstrations, rallies, and presented at expos. NH freedom warriors are actively supporting legislation that would start to unravel state of emergency and unconstitutional orders, removing fluoridation, AND protecting medical freedom.

Health Freedom New Hampshire:  In truth, in health, and in freedom!

Bills of interest for Monday, March 1st!

    • HCR2- Terminating state of emergency- SUPPORT
    • HB439- Powers of city councils-SUPPORT
    • HB493- Criminal penalty for failure to mask or vaccinate-OPPOSE
    • HB277- Termination of SOE by the legislature- SUPPORT
    • HB280- Termination of an emergency order- SUPPORT
    • HB559- State of emergency declarations- SUPPORT
    • HB389- Joint legislative emergency order oversight-SUPPORT
    • HB275- Relative to the governor’s power to initiate a state of emergency and various emergency powers- SUPPORT
    • HB414- Relative to evacuations under a state of emergency- SUPPORT
    • HB417- Relative to the powers of the governor during a renewal of a declared state of emergency- SUPPORT
    • HB433- Limiting renewal of states of emergency- SUPPORT

**More information (as well as links to sign in) can be found on our website!

You can find us on multiple social media platforms- #healthfreedomNH and our website is