Democrats Erase ‘Women’ – Label Pro-Life as ‘Pregnancy Discrimination - Granite Grok

Democrats Erase ‘Women’ – Label Pro-Life as ‘Pregnancy Discrimination

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The party of women is pushing a quick legislative fix to end women altogether. “[T]he Equality Act, a bill that would eliminate the legal recognition of male and female sex, cater to gender ideology and designate protection for the unborn as “pregnancy” discrimination.

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It sacrifices the equality, safety, and privacy of women while privileging men who identify as women: If this bill becomes law, they’d have a civil right to spend the night in a battered women’s shelter, disrobe in a women’s locker room, and compete on a women’s sports team—even children at K-12 public schools.

Religious institutions fare no better. Religious schools, adoption agencies, and other charities would face federal sanction for operating according to basic biology and mainstream Biblical teaching on sex and marriage. Outrageously, this act exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Pope Francis would be treated as the legal equivalent of a Jim Crow segregationist.


The Left will be giddy as hell about their #wokeasauraus legislation, which has little chance of obstruction and a president eager to sign it. But it erases women, their spaces, their privacy, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find Republicans willing to side with them.

But hey, Democrats are the party of women. Sorry, were, soon there will be no such thing.