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Impeach with Second Hand Information After Closed Door Hearings

Democrats – Risking the Nation to Advance the Party

Democrats are rushing toward impeachment. They want maximum outrage and minimal facts. They are willing to lie and hold the trial in the press. The Democrats want to do those things in advance of having evidence and making a judgment based on the best available evidence.

Kuster is not bipartisan

Ann Kuster is Selling Herself as Bi-Partisan? Not Even Close!

In case you missed it Ann Kuster has hung her reelection chances on selling herself as bipartisan. The only problem with that is that she isn’t. And she’s not just a partisan, she is proudly hailed as such by Far-Left media, Far-Left Progressive PAC’s and (oh, yeah!) her own voting record. Related: So-Called “Bi-Partisan” Democrat Ann Kuster …

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The Very Partisan Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Part II

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition (GSFTC–Greedy Socialists Frisking TaxPayers Cash) is a partisan non-profit, which for years has insisted it is a non-partisan group advocating an income tax in New Hampshire. But the GSFTC is non-partisan the way MSNBC is. They use the dark side equivalent of the Jedi mind trick. ‘The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.”