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Democrats – Risking the Nation to Advance the Party

Impeach with Second Hand Information After Closed Door Hearings

Democrats are rushing toward impeachment. They want maximum outrage and minimal facts. They are willing to lie and hold the trial in the press. The Democrats want to do those things in advance of having evidence and making a judgment based on the best available evidence.

Evidence supporting the allegation

They don’t seem to have a case. That’s even after 3 years of investigation. The interesting part isn’t the partisanship or the lack of evidentiary support. My perception is that the average American does not see the justice in robbing one set of rogues to fatten another. How are you thinking about this spectacle?

The Interesting part is that they are acting on such an important matter without basis. The extremely partisan House of Representatives probably will pass articles of impeachment. That is because they are persecuting the President.

Prosecution versus Persecution

They are not prosecuting wrong doing. But even so, the Senate will not remove the President from office based on what has transpired and the evidence currently available. So, why is Pelosi doing this? This is an important question to ask because she is a creature of her party. Pelosi cares not at all for the nation, her state, the rights of the individual or the rule of law. Those are the conclusions one arrives at looking at her actions.

Pelosi is buying into the argument that impeaching Trump is the way for Democrats to win the next election. She assumes Trump’s indictment in the House will tarnish his political standing with the people. Pelosi’s aiming at damaging him on the campaign trail. The Democrats are willing to trash the nation to win an election. How is that in the best interest of the nation? Is that your definition of leadership?

Do we really want to gamble with the future of the nation?

Currently Trump is in the driver’s seat for reelection. He’s raising money and drawing big crowds. The economy is good; the Democrats are running a corral full of socialists against him. His opponents are all running unpalatable policy platforms. Those platforms require bankrupting America in the short term. Will impeachment change the momentum of the election by tarnishing the incumbent with scandal or is that wishful thinking?

The Democrats are risking the nation to advance the party. It seems a high-risk gamble to sacrifice the nation with the reward from a win being control… of the nation. The only gain may be to American socialists who control the Democrat Party. Pelosi is betting the facts of the case, and whether the Senate convicts, do not matter. She is all in that impeachment alone will doom Trump; it will help Democrats at the polls. That calculation seems to rely on the American voter being motivated by hatred rather than commonsense and evaluation of economic results.

Conventional wisdom on impeachment

Conventional wisdom of the 1998 Clinton impeachment backfiring on the Republicans has been overturned. The conventional wisdom is wrong. Impeachment is a big deal. Impeachment attempted without evidence is a much bigger deal. The American people do not want to go through the impeachment process again. We will exact a high price for a failed attempt.

The argument for the conventional wisdom goes; the GOP gave up some House seats. That did not stop them from winning the presidency and both chambers of Congress two years later. Impeachment contributed to “Clinton fatigue.” It boosted the chances of a candidate who promised to restore dignity to the White House. The same could happen in 2020. So are we all going to fall in line behind Lieawatha Fauxcahontas? Probably not any more than we fell for Hillary.

The value of the wrap up smear

Advocates of impeachment say the inquiry might damage Trump’s approval rating. It may be damaged enough so he may draw a significant primary challenger, a third-party candidacy, or both. An added rationalization is American political tumult is harmful to the global economy. Recession would make Trump’s downfall even more likely.

When impeachment comes to a vote in the House, Democrats representing Trump districts will be risking their political futures. Pelosi seems willing to take that risk… will those House members?

Pelosi has hung impeachment on the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky for three reasons. The scandal fits on a television graphics box and she wants a trial in the press. The process can be run through Pelosi’s puppet Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee. A national security connection may provide cover for the moderate freshmen. Which Democrats are moderate?

Yet another soon to be disproven smear?

What makes Ukraine different from the Russia investigation? The Ukraine allegation has a simple allegation of wrongdoing. Everyone can read the transcript of the Trump-Zelensky phone call. But the accused, POTUS, released it to the public. Does a guilty person do that? We can decide whether its contents warrant impeachment and removal from office. The Democrats need to move quickly maintain their own focus and the plot as a result. Outrage has a short shelf life.

Speed is essential to avoid the fate of other anti-Trump scandals. All of them have collapsed from either a lack of outrage or internal contradictions. There were Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Omarosa, Scaramucci, and Cohen which have dried up and blown away. There was also the Russia investigation which was too confusing and the results were too murky. The special counsel was too confused to end or cause lasting damage to Trump.

Wolf! Wolf!

For Ukraine to be different, the Democrats must uncover actual hard evidence. There is none to date. The evidence must be convincing to independents and some Republicans. That is not currently true.

They also need to avoid over reach and hyperbole. Impeachment is not a campaign gambit. It affects governance and the future of the nation. There seems to already be over reach. There’s the attempt to rope in William Barr and Mike Pompeo, over reach.

There are the tenuous arguments that the Zelensky call somehow broke the law, over reach. Then there are the calls for canceling Rudy Giuliani’s media appearances, over reach. And the calls for shutting down the president’s Twitter feed, over reach.


Pelosi is moving. She assumes the longer the process takes, the higher the probability Trump will prevail outright. The longer it takes the more Democrats will become distracted and dissolute. The longer this takes the clearer American voters will become about the facts or lack thereof supporting the allegation. Democrats are Risking the Nation to Advance the Party.