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Sen John Kennedy R-LA

Democrat Party: You Work and We Take.

“Redistribution and race underpins all of their policies, and I don’t recognize this Democrat Party. Here’s what I learned from last night. Vice President Biden may be the nominee of the party, but Bernie Sanders is the head of the party, that’s clear.

Conservatism - knowing what to keep

The New Conservatism?

If you are worried about where Conservatism is, or where it should be, read this. While I disagree with the intent of this complete call out of Libertarianism (I think he’s over the top on harshness even as some of his points hold water), it notes the need to re-arm, re-load, and re-lock onto base …

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We Are At War To Be ‘We The People’ Again

Notable Quote – “the stronger will be our resolve”

Memo to leftists: We reject your depiction of Trump as a racist. We reject that he’s dangerous for America; the opposite is the case. And we fervently reject your word about much of anything, as you’re still shamelessly spreading the ludicrous lie that he’s a Russian agent.

William Barr - twitter image

Notable Quote – You DO know where systemic racism is, right?

Emphasis mine: “People talk about implicit racism or systemic racism: rhe racism in this country, look no further than our public education system,” Barr said during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. “That’s a racist system maintained by the Democratic party and the teachers union, keeping inner city kids in failing schools instead …

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You didn't build that

Notable Quote – “but you DID pay for that!”

…The second mistaken implication drawn from the scolding phrase “You didn’t build that” is that those persons who are successful remain perpetually in debt to each of the countless individuals whose efforts contributed to that success. In fact, in commercial society each of us depends nearly every second of our lives on the efforts of …

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Looking down the road to November

Notable Quote – David McCullough

With the radical Left trying to destroy history in various ways, this series of questions and answers from 2012 is more timely than ever.


Notable Quote – why do we trust public officials as if they were non-partisan?

These People are politically driven. Even if (contrary to fact) there were a scientifically determinable single best course of government action in this crisis, what reason have These People given us to believe that they are capable of finding that course and of understanding it? And even if These People could find and understand this scientifically ‘best’ course of …

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Central Planning

Notable Quote – Nathan Rosenberg

Capitalism has provided multiple sources of decision-making and initiative, strong incentives for proceeding one step at a time, and the possibility for drawing upon a wide range of human potential – all valuable features of activities that are carried out in an environment of high uncertainty.