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ratchet set

Notable Quote – John Tierney

Higgs sees government, as usual, vastly expanding during the crisis, and he’s sure that it will not shrink back to its former scale once the crisis is over. It never does, as he famously documented in his 1987 book, Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government, and in later works exploring this …

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Adam Smith on Self-Interest

Notable Quote – Dr. Don Boudreaux

Freedom of exchange and production within a regime of private property rights and freedom of contract harnesses self-interest to the public good. Admiration and endorsement of free markets is not – contrary to much uninformed commentary – admiration and endorsement of greed or materialism. It is, instead, the reflection of an acceptance of the reality …

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Ludwig von Mises

Notable Quote – Ludwig von Mises

Those that accept this premise totally ignore that some of those “wretched underlings” rise to be able to manipulate the Government’s levers of Powers.  Thus, this narrative von Mises has made sport of, is totally untrue and broken.


Notable Quote – Glenn Reynolds

Time is running out on the shutdowns whether Government likes it or not: IRISH DEMOCRACY: Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. The lockdown can’t go on forever, and it isn’t. In Tennessee, we’re following a reasonably well-thought-out plan for reopening things. But a friend from Manhattan writes that she’s seeing stores, coffee shops, etc., …

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secure the blessings of liberty

Notable Quote – Ian Underwood

Yep, Grokster Ian gets a two-fer Day today; this one “Why Liberty?” and gives a perfect answer: Every other organizing principle for society begins by denying this fundamental truth about humans:  You don’t know what’s best for me, and I don’t know what’s best for you.   And so every other organizing principle is doomed to the kind of failure that …

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Notable Quote – Goerge Will

The Declaration is not just chronologically prior to the Constitution, it is logically prior. As Timothy Sandefur writes, the Declaration “sets the framework for reading” the Constitution, so it is the Constitution’s “conscience”: By the terms with which the Declaration articulates the Constitution’s purpose – the purpose is to “secure” unalienable rights – the Declaration intimates …

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Notable Quote – a warning to the NH GOFFER Commission

…which has been tasked on “restarting” the NH economy by “planning” how to “reopen” our economy. George Will: Markets produce many things secondarily, from shoes to trucks to novels, but primarily they produce information, in torrents that no government is intelligent enough to comprehend or nimble enough to respond to. Sure, Government can infringe, hinder, …

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Thomas Sowell Welfare State

Notable Quote – George Will, Prof. Don Boudreaux

[Welfare] states presuppose economic dynamism sufficient to generate investments, job creation, corporate profits, and individuals’ incomes from which come tax revenues needed to fund entitlements. But welfare states produce in citizens an entitlement mentality and a low pain threshold. That mentality inflames appetites for more entitlements, broadly construed to include all government benefits and protections …

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