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Notable Quote – Ari Fleischer

[Bernie Sanders says that] Socialism is for compassion, justice, and love. Well I don’t know what nation on Earth where socialism has ever achieved those objectives. Freedom achieves those objectives but socialism has brought, to 10s of millions around the world, instead, is oppression, injustice, and scarcity. This is what socialism delivers. -Ari Fleicher (Fox …

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Notable Quote – It’s all about tolerance towards them until Power has been achieved

…Turning to the Equality Act, Biden said, “I promise you if I’m elected president it will be the first thing I ask to be done. It will send a message around the world, not just at home.” “This is our soul, da*mit, this is who we have to be… This is our real moral obligation,” …

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Notable Quote – Herbert Spencer

To assess the degree of liberty individuals do enjoy, [Herbert] Spencer argued, what matters is “whether the lives of citizens are more interfered with than they were; not the nature of the agency which interferes with them.” That we elect our rulers does not necessarily mean that they rule us well, nor that they respect …

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Notable Quote – Dan Moller

Just so, when it comes to political philosophy and what the state should be doing, the issue shouldn’t be our substantive concerns, but rather what kinds of things we should be using threats and violence to compel those around us to do. -Dan Moller (Governing Least) Unfortunately, Moller is right.  While it may sound to …

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Notable Quote – Tyler Cowan

The danger, of course, is that competition for consumers will be replaced by competition for political pull. There are thousands of instances of companies lobbying for tariffs, price supports, subsidies, and restrictions on their competition, all for their own self-interest and profits of course. When such lobbying is successful, capitalism becomes about sucking up to …

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Notable Quote – Rod Dreher

I had mentioned to my foreign friend something I’ve heard from several of you readers of this blog who are conservative academics: that as long as old-school liberals remain in charge of faculties and academic institutions, there will be a place for right-of-center scholars. But when the Jacobin-like younger generation moves into leadership, that will …

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Notable Quote – Cathy Young

With its utopian quest for a society cleansed of all traces of bias or inequality and its politicization of everything from art to family life, social-justice leftism is in some ways the modern heir to 20th-century communism. While it does not command totalitarian regimes, its effect on Western liberal institutions — especially the media and …

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Notable Quote – Ronald Coase and Ning Wang

Markets provide a platform through which firms compete for both resources and customers. How effectively firms perform these tasks depends primarily on how open the markets are, including the markets for factors and products, and how freely firms can be created and compete with each other. Essentially, firms’ effectiveness depends on how smoothly and quickly …

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