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The Left’s History of Bigotry

Notable Quote – David McCullough

With the radical Left trying to destroy history in various ways, this series of questions and answers from 2012 is more timely than ever.


Notable Quote – why do we trust public officials as if they were non-partisan?

These People are politically driven. Even if (contrary to fact) there were a scientifically determinable single best course of government action in this crisis, what reason have These People given us to believe that they are capable of finding that course and of understanding it? And even if These People could find and understand this scientifically ‘best’ course of …

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Central Planning

Notable Quote – Nathan Rosenberg

Capitalism has provided multiple sources of decision-making and initiative, strong incentives for proceeding one step at a time, and the possibility for drawing upon a wide range of human potential – all valuable features of activities that are carried out in an environment of high uncertainty.

Abraham Lincoln

Notable Quote – Abraham Lincoln

How prescient for today: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” -Abraham Lincoln When a member of the US Congress, US CongressTwit Ilhan Omar, a refugee from Somalia and an self-proclaimed Socialist said: “As long as our economy and political …

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1984 Thought crimes

“Those who erase history have no past – and no future.”

Over at Weekend Pundit, DCE has a proper observation of the NOW in politics (emphasis mine): Seeing the increasing attack upon history by overly-sensitive know-nothings, I am dismayed at the level of ignorance being displayed by those wishing to erase history. They have been convinced that 17th, 18th, 19th, and early/mid 20th century historical figures must be …

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Leftist Insults

Notable Quote – ITXU DÍAZ

To be a conservative is to wake up every morning to a new insult. It makes life more fun. I never know exactly what I am until I open up Twitter every morning. I can be a reactionary vermin, an ignorant caveman, an ultra-Catholic primate, or a neoliberal scorpion.


Notable Quote – Prof. Don Boudreaux

Emphasis mine: Industrial policy is the replacement of price-guided resource-allocation patterns with commands issued by politicians and their hirelings. But as Hayek points out, it is impossible for politicians and their hirelings to possess any of the “knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place” that must be known if the resulting use of …

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Notable Quote – An illusion of Black Dependency on White Largess

The narrative that white people “hold the power” conveys a wrongheaded notion of white superiority and creates an illusion of black dependency on white largess. This false assignment of responsibility, while coming from an authentic desire to produce change, can create a new kind of mental enslavement. Glenn Loury, a Brown University economist, exposed this …

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