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Joe Biden i-believe-the-american-people-have-a-genuine-and-justifiable-fear-of-government-intrusion-in-what-they-instinctively-know-is-going-to-be-an-ever-more-intrusive-world Quotespictures

Notable Quote – “Safe” Means Free From Opposition

There have been many, many statements to the effect that gun owners, so-called “constitutionalists” (spoken as an epithet), libertarians, et al (any of a generally pro-liberty, anti-authoritarian mind) are essentially vermin, heretics who deserve no rights unless they recant.

Envy Social Justice Thomas Sowell FreedomWorks Powerline

Notable Quote – Yep, The Left STRIVES To Make You Free!

The Left is ALL about envy. Think about it – their entire schtick about replacing Equality with Equity is simple. They HATE that anyone can get ahead – they are envious that anyone can make something of themselves based solely on merit, motivation, talent, and a work ethic.

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Notable Quote – You Know That Old Saw about “Those that cannot do, teach…”

And then there is Government: One of the reasons why government absorbs so much money and takes on ever-increasing powers is that it is home to so many people whose beliefs could not withstand the draconian tests of science, the marketplace or a scoreboard. What we the taxpayers are ultimately paying for is their insulation …

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Picard-kidnapped by Borg SciFiFantasyNetwork

Notable Quote – The State as Borg

The totalitarian state aims at obliterating all distinctions between itself and the citizenry (society) by penetrating and controlling every aspect of organized life. -Richard Pipes (Communism: A History)

Productivity andreas-klassen-gZB-i-dA6ns-unsplash

Notable Quote – It Really IS all about Productivity!

Wage rates are lower in Indonesia than in the United States because workers in Indonesia are willing to accept less; they are willing to accept less because their alternative opportunities are so much poorer;