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Trump Fires Bolton Via Twitter

Ah, fired by Twitter, the classic move of the Trump Administration. The latest board room casualty? John Bolton, the war-mongering National Security Advisor. This move is being broadly condemned by neocons, but many others (including some democrats) are praising the move. Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, tweeted “I commend @realDonaldTrump for this necessary …

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Democrats Finally Protest a Border Crossing

As a follow-up to the “treason” (according to unhinged State Rep. Rosemarie Rung) we all committed the other day, supporting Trump’s North Korea visit, I’d like to publicize that Democrats (Leftists) have finally opposed a border-crossing.  And don’t forget, “Treason Day” is almost upon us….we will all be thinking of you this Thursday, Rosemarie…