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Nikki Haley – Biden and Democrats Blame America First, Trump Puts America First

Nikki Haley - RNC Convention Remarks

More Convention sound bites, this time from Nikki Haley, repeats a great line. Joe Biden and the Democrats are still blaming America first. That could not be more true. And not just in the context of her remarks about foreign policy.

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Domestically, career politicians on the left, many who have been in power for decades, have done nothing but complain about how whatever is wrong this week or this year is someone else’s fault. They even blame you.

Democrats blame America First. They blame Americans first.

To that end, Ambassador Haley uses the three minutes in this snippet to review the Trump Administration’s approach to allies and enemies and it is a laundry list of successes. A stark contrast to Biden, whom Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Haley, perhaps one of our best Ambassadors to the UN, has high praise for Donald Trump and their efforts to keep the UN, “a place where dictators, murders, and thieves denounce America, and then put their hands out and demand that we pay their bills,” in its proper place.

Haley goes on to point out that the Trump administration stood up for America instead of bowing the cabal of murders and thieves where Obama and Biden, bowed.

She then moves on to domestic issues, pointing out the obvious and using her experience as a governor during the Obama Administration for contrast. This snippet ends at three minutes; if you’d like to watch all 9 minutes you can do that here. It’s a good speech, even absent the energy of a live audience and a quick reminder of what we accomplished under Trump and not under Biden.

Distilled down, Mr. Trump has done more things right for America in just a few years than Joe Biden did in nearly fifty years. We have no reason to think anything about that would change, which means now more than ever, we need Donald Trump.