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Links for International News of the Day

Links for International News of the Day

Iran’s Rouhani says there will be no talks with Trump until sanctions are lifted according to the New York Times.

Iran could restore oil output to pre-sanctions level within three days according to the Iranian Oil Minister.

Iran’s allies want the U.S. out of Iraq now. They are threatening to fight back against Israel from Lebanon after strikes across the region.


Japan says North Korea is developing warheads to penetrate missile defenses.

The U.S. State Department has OK’d missile sales to Japan worth $3.3 billion.

Trump administration is tapping disaster, cyber funds to cover immigration.

The Pentagon chief has approved 20 more miles of border wall.


Brazil says open to aid for Amazon fires, but it will decide how it’s used.

Russia & Turkey

Russia and Turkey are using Counterterrorism Measures in Syria.

Russia and Turkey agree to steps tackling militants in Syria’s Idlib.

Russia delivers another S-400 battery to Turkey.

Syrian Kurdish fighters are ‘pulling back’ from Turkey border.

Israel & Hezbollah

Hezbollah is said to be planning ‘calculated strike’ against Israel after Beirut drone incident

Netanyahu warns Hezbollah after its leader threatens response to Israeli strikes ‘within days.’ There is a report that the Beirut strike will delay Hezbollah missile program by at least a year coming from the Times of Israel.

Explosions have hit Gaza police checkpoints leaving three dead according to local officials.

Hong Kong & China

‘Now or never’: Hong Kong protesters say they have nothing to lose.