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The UN is on a Collision Course with the Self-Government of the American People

American, National or Global Positions

There are many issues before us today. The President has little to say about North Korea currently. But he does express hope for a diplomatic path towards denuclearization. President Trump said,”…I’ve told Kim Jong-un, what I truly believe, that like Iran, his country is full of untapped potential.

To realize that promise, North Korea must denuclearize.”

Illegal immigration

The president has been pretty plain-spoken about illegal immigration. He is clear about the need for sovereign nations to be able to protect their own borders.

He derides open border activists referring to them as those “who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice. The President warns of the dangers of human trafficking that open border policies encourage. He frames effective border security as a human rights issue.

Effective border security discourages people from taking a long, often futile journey. It keeps people from putting their lives and the lives of their children in danger. The president has said, To anyone conducting crossings of our border illegally… please hear these words: Do not pay the smugglers, coyotes or put yourself in danger. Do not put your children in danger. Because if you make it here, you will not be allowed in. You will be promptly returned home.”


President Trump provides examples of his administration’s initiatives that are harmonious with policies pursued internationally. He points to his administration’s accomplishments in human rights. Specific mention is given of “working with other nations to stop criminalizing homosexuality” and standing “in solidarity” with LGBTQ people. He notes there are many who live in countries that punish, jail or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.

This administration launched “the first-ever government-wide approach to women’s economic empowerment working to ensure that women, all over the planet, have the legal right to own and inherit property, work in the same industries as men, travel freely and access credit and institutions.”

Freedoms and values

He also speaks of his administration’s leadership in championing religious freedom around the world. This is consistent with the UN’s professed values of religious tolerance. The President declares that his administration’s commitment to protecting Americans’ constitutional right to bear and keep arms in self-defense. He reaffirms commitment to protecting the lives of the unborn. He will not waver in the face of UN initiatives to the contrary.


The President says, “Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life… There is no circumstance under which the United States will allow international interests to trample on the rights of our citizens, including the right to self-defense.”

President Trump points to America’s founding documents as the source of the “core rights and values America defends today… America’s founders understood that there will always be those who believe they have an entitlement to wield power and control over others. Our founders gave us a system designed to restrain this dangerous impulse.”

President Trump understands Americans are a “proud and fiercely independent people.” He says we will not take directions from an unaccountable globalist bureaucracy. The United Nations Charter and the United States Constitution can operate compatibly. That is only true if the UN Charter is interpreted and implemented according to its founding principles. UN bureaucrats must stay in their proper lanes. Globalist impulses are leading the UN astray.


The U.N.’ origins as an organization of sovereign member states brought together to cooperate on solving common problems when they can. The United Nations is approaching its 75th anniversary on an unacceptable collision course. It is moving to interfere with the self-government of the American people.