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Real Republicans Should Select Republican Candidates

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the NH Republican State Committee will be held in Windham this coming Saturday, January 29. Among the more important issues to be voted upon at that meeting will be a proposed amendment to the By-Laws of the NHGOP that could have a major effect on our elections in the future.

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Corky, “Uncorked” and the Rest of the Cabal

Notice the hypocrisy from the following establishment elite: Messner, “the GOP must rally around its candidates.”  The NHGOP Chair Stephen Stepanek “I understand there are a number of qualified possible candidates mulling over a potential run, and at the end of the day, we will be offering assistance to any and all candidates who announce …

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My Response to the NH GOP Propaganda Machine

The NH GOP sent an embarrassingly deceptive email to their members to assist Governor Sununu with his attempted coverup regarding the nine arrests the Governor oversaw on 10/13/21 at the Executive Councilor (EC) meeting.