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Reality Check: NH Democrat’s Nancy Pelosi Values are not New Hampshire Values

NH Democrats have Nancy Pelosi Values - and they used to be proud of that.

Democrats have tried to lay claim to New Hampshire values but that’s not going to happen.  New Hampshire is about liberty, Live free or Die, local control, small government, and no broad based taxes, just like the TEA party.  Tea Party values are about defending the Constitution and rule of law, small and accountable government, low taxes and free markets.   NH Democrats are keen on painting a different picture, not just because they can’t run on their own records but because the root for their values is too freighting for them to acknowledge…

They have Nancy Pelosi Values.

New Hampshire Democrat values are Nancy Pelosi values, extreme left social and economic values that just two years ago they were actually proud of.   Values that are nothing like New Hampshire values…so what has changed in the past two years?  Nothing.   But they will do or say anything to get back into power.

But don’t be fooled.  They have a record and it is not pretty.

Carol Shea-Porter, highly regarded by the states lefties, agreed with Pelosi 98% of the time while in congress, missing 100% only because she missed 2% of the votes.  Former congressman Paul Hodes, revered as a more moderate New Hampshire Democrat, voted with Pelosi…97% of the time.  The camera grabbing Ann McLane Kuster is Pelosi in spades, and I’m just waiting for her to say something like “every dollar we spend on unemployment brings $1.78 back to the economy.”  She has it in her.  Policy wise they are identical.

Closer to home, Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley, the Democrat offerings for New Hampshire governor (Hassan still in it Cilley acting like she’s helping), not much different either; legislate political speech to silence potential opponents, state control of healthcare through top down price controls, deficit spend your way into new taxes and fees, green energy mandates that make electricity and everything that uses it cost more, ignoring ethics issues in their own party, and the all abortion all the time, from conception to live birth…are the black heart and empty soul of Hassan, Cilley, and New Hampshire Democrat leadership; from beginning to end, they are all Nancy Pelosi values.

Former House speaker Norelli and former Senate president and current state senator Sylvia Larsen are also very similar to Pelosi, just like Cilley and Hassan, all cut from the same moldy Hegelian cloth with the Benthamite trim.   And a trip to the State party headquarters will probably result in an entire office full of people who agree with Pelosi almost without exception.

What’s more, when Pelosi was House speaker from 2007 to 2010, New Hampshire Democrats  stood beside her or with her, applauded her, defended her, and were proud of her leadership, methods, and her policy choices.

So if the entire leadership of the state Democrat party and all the top level candidates for elected office, whom we know for a fact control all the lesser Democrats with a sturdy jack-boot,  can hardly be separated from California’s Wing-bat progressive Borg Queen, how then can they–with a straight face–suggest that any one of them stands for Live Free or Die New Hampshire values?

They could lie.

But why? If New Hampshire Democrats were (are) so proud of Nancy Pelosi, her Carol Shea-Porter clone and the Annie Kuster Pelosi-policy twin, then shouldn’t they be running on those Nancy Pelosi Values now?  Why are they not trumpeting the virtue of the super-state, built on the backs of evil business owners who like a team of crippled oxen drag leviathan government across one failed taxpayer-funded or deficit building left wing bailout after another, closer and closer to the precipice of bankruptcy and economic collapse?

Are they not proud of their Democrat party values?  Or are they only proud of them in church basements with local democrats, while taking Republican batting practice, or when sequestered away in the liberal ghettos that still pepper the Granite State like an infection which the common sense antibiotic of free markets and personal liberty cannot seem to reach?

No parades?  No proud speeches about a the tarnished turd in a ditch that is the inevitable outcome of the Democrat socialist government model espoused by the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world and revered by New Hampshire Democrats?

Of course not.  You’d never vote for them if they were honest.  If they were honest they would confess on the moss covered alter of their false environmental god that they want to do everything they can to change New Hampshire Values into Nancy Pelosi Values.   To reduce us to a tax and spend, debt riddled husk, manged by overpaid bureaucrats who beg for legislators to give their legions of public union employees higher wages and benefits until, like California, we are in the same constant state of budgetary crisis that plagued their brief tenure as the stewards of our state.Kids table at thanksgiving

Not brief enough.  But in 2010 it was New Hampshire values that drove them out of office in record numbers like lemmings off a cliff.  But after two years relegated to the legislative equivalent of the kids table at Thanksgiving, and with nothing on their resumes but a two billion dollar taxpayer funded shopping spree during the worst recession in history, and a nearly billion dollar structural deficit in their whimpering wake, the only thing  left to do is to abscond New Hampshire values and hope no one notices?

They are not even remotely similar to Democrat values which was why it took 95 years for citizens to get stupid enough to give you another shot at running the whole show.  You didn’t wait one day to head for the cliff, sprinting out of the gate, spending as fast as your little liberal minds could manage.  But New Hampshire finally wizened up and tossed you out on your Donkeys Ass.

They tossed you out because you have Nancy Pelosi values and not New Hampshire values.  So get used to the kids table.  It’s where you belong.  But if you don’t like it there, move.  There are socialist breeding grounds with loads of taxes a short drive from just about anywhere in New Hampshire.   They’d be glad to assimilate you into their collective hive.