So How’s that “Just Sign An Affidavit” Thing Working Out?

Voter ID required except when its not
Voter ID required except when its not

According to the Pew Research Center  5,424 voters lacking proper ID signed affidavits swearing they were New Hampshire residents eligible to vote under state law last November.

As of January 11, 2,266 of the postcards had been returned, and 211 letters were returned as undeliverable. The secretary of state’s office will look into each undeliverable letter, and if an explanation cannot be determined, a list of affidavits needing further investigation will be compiled and sent to the attorney general’s office.

I can provide at least one explanation and it’s called Voter Fraud.

I received a phone call from a friend whose wife voted absentee in late October, and who then received a card notifying her that someone had voted as her, without ID, on November 6th.  When she called to let the state know she reports to me that they instructed her to just sign the yellow card and return it.  She refused, filed a complaint with the AG, and is waiting for them to get back to her.

We are in the process of trying to obtain documents including the voter checklist and the signed affidavit.  But even without them, someone lied, signed an affidavit, and committed vote fraud.

So this does not bode well for anyone who believes that the Secretary of State “will look into” it or that the AG will engage in “further investigation” regarding any of the nearly 2500 potential cases of vote fraud that occurred in New Hampshire.  And they don’t want to.  It takes up too much time and resources for no positive gain.  What Secretary of State or AG wants to admit that they have shoddy elections?  It just makes them look incompetent.

I predict the end result will be the same as it always is.  Nothing to see here.  Just move along.  The affidavit is, after all, just for show.