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Why We Can’t Have A Discussion With New Hampshire Democrats

Over at my other haunt, NH Insider, my Fridge mag cross-post elicited the following response from Democrat Jim Splaine on the matter of gun ownership, which exemplifies the reason why any discussion with Democrats on any subject is unlikely.

Why can’t we have a real discussion about this issue? Just like the myths of an “$800 million deficit,” or that “Obamacare is socialized medicine” (whereas it’s mostly privatized), or that “gay marriage is a slippery slope,” there a new myth a-brewing among the Tea Partiers and right-wingers that President Obama and the Democrats are after everyone’s guns.

We cannot have a discussion because the 800 million dollar deficit is not a myth, the goal of Obamacare is a government-run single-payer system, the slope is slippery because Democrats lied about their goals and intentions, and Diane Feinstein has legislation right now that includes gun grabbing language.

Real discussions begin in reality.  Democrats refuse to begin in the real world preferring the one they’ve created to explain what they claim to believe.  And you can’t negotiate with madmen.


The 800 million dollar deficit “myth” is very real.  Just aks Democrat Finance committee member Cindy Rosenwald, who not only explained why it existed, but that Democrat leadership knew about it and intended to cut the budget to address it.

This extra money, $802 million in total, helped maintain essential safety net programs for vulnerable residents hit hard by the recession. The federal money was one-time assistance. The Democratic majority knew all along it would not continue, and that budget cuts would have to be made during the following biennium so that there would not be a deficit.

Rosemwald is no disgruntled back-bencher.  The Deficit was real.  But no one seems to have told Jim Splaine, who is apparently reading from the NHDP hymnal without question, where the words..”The Democratic majority knew all along it would not continue, and that budget cuts would have to be made during the following biennium so that there would not be a deficit,” do not appear.



As for Obamcare being socialized medicine, anyone who understands how markets work and has ears to hear, knows that the Patient Affordable Care Act has but one purpose; to corporatize insurance under the jackboot of the Federal government.  Jim can choose between Fascist state control or Socialist/Communist control, but state control is the goal of Democrat leaders– unless collapse is an option for debate.  Are Democrats trying to collapse the Insurance system?  I’d enjoy a discussion about that.



There are more than a few slippery slopes on the Gay Marriage issue the biggest of which is that marriage is a civil function of which religious marriage is but a part.  Splaine may have never used those words himself but it is out there, just like the myth that gay marriage is about equality.  As I so often say, marriage is a rite not a right.  Churches deny the rite of marriage every day.  Marriage also existed long before the state so it cannot possibly be a construct of it.  It was meant to tie a man to his childbearing wife for the benefit of their children, but seeing as those are also concepts are generally regarded as myths by Democrats it is a short walk to where Splaine’s narrative lives and breathes.

The state’s only real interest in marriage is to defend the property rights of the couple and their heirs.  Where a non-religious pairing is preferred, because the state cannot force you to be religious, the state also recognizes unions by judges and other civil persons for similar purposes.  Civil unions were afforded to same sex couples, and there was much rejoicing.

There are other slopes for us to slip on.  Civil unions were heralded as adequate until they were not.  Democrat John Lynch promised not to pass a Gay Marraige law  until he did.  Lynch lied about parental rights when he repealed them so with liars like this who needs the truth?



All of which brings us to guns.  Mr. Splaine insists Democrats don’t want to ban all guns or even take them away except for some guns.  And Obama Care doesn’t socialize medicine it just makes socializing it inevitable.  And Civil Unions don’t redefine marriage until they do.  And there is no 800 million dollar deficit, except there is.

Given the arc of every other left wing policy we have no reason to believe anything they say or believe.  I certainly don’t.

There is the lefts enthusiasm for UN treaties that do their dirty work for them and just happen to include language requiring the registration, tracking, and inevitable confiscation of privately owned firearms; and the recent revelation of gun grabbing legislation from Senator Diane Feinstein (here and here for starters), show us that Mr. Splaine is mistaken.  Democrats do want to grab and or ban guns.  Should I look forward to his objections in public print to belay my fears?  Probably not–he still wants us to think there was no 800 million dollar deficit.

So we can talk about all of that if you’d like but Democrats don’t want to unless we begin from a starting point of their choosing.

Nor do they want to discuss how generational welfare and fatherless children are a greater threat to life than ‘assault weapons’ they cannot begins to describe.   (You might want to read this Jim before you open your mouth again about guns.)  I know you’re a smart enough guy, I’m just not sure you can see past the massive encumbrance of your pre-programmed worldview.


Other Nonsense

There is a good deal more nonsense in Jim’s NHI comment, a cow whose udder is fat for more milking, but I’ll leave that for others to explore.  My point is made.  Given the scope and consistency with which the New Hampshire left believes it’s own lies, and the lies themselves (like that they are civil for example- Ha!),  discussion is impossible.   It is impossible because it cannot begin until Democrats stop believing so much that is not true.


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