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New Hampshire’s Economy is so Far Ahead BECAUSE our “Green Economy” is so Far Behind

Chris Sununu

Democrats are whining because New Hampshire has “been slow to embrace the ‘economic benefits’ of clean energy and clean transportation.” Has it occurred to them that this rejection is why New Hampshire has the most robust economy in the Northeast?

They can’t admit that because there are no benefits to the green energy economy. Its single purpose is to redistribute wealth from taxpayers and job creators, through the state, based on a lie.

  1. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas
  2. Natural temperature variation drives CO2 concentration not the other way around.
  3. We know the Climate Change narrative is an economic program, not an environmental one.
  4. The only real danger to the economy is lying Democrats and their scheming tax and spend ways.

The states we’re “so far behind” are not doing anything but robbing their residents for seed money to expand the bureaucracy and pad the pockets of favored interests. The Green economy is a front for growing government. But that’s not stopping them from trying to ruin New Hampshire.

“This administration has been slow to embrace the economic benefits of clean energy and clean transportation and is not doing enough to take on climate change,” said Jordan Stutt, carbon programs director at the Acadia Center. “While all the states have room to improve, we’ve seen the least progress in New Hampshire in recent years.”

By refusing to bow to the Green Gods and their socialist aspirations, New Hampshire Republicans and Governor Sununu have created an island of economic opportunity in New Hampshire. A wall to hold back the economic perversion of green energy economics, which are little more than grotesque tax schemes placed out of reach of voters.

“It’s an embarrassment,” said state Sen. David Watters, D-Dover, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. “New Hampshire is stuck.”

You are stuck with the best economy, job creation, wage growth, and lowest poverty in the region and most of the United States.

For the first time in (it seems like) decades, we have net in-migration or younger workers. A problem nearly two decades of Democrat governors and their legislative meddling never could solve.

Then there’s TCI.

Despite Sununu’s declaration that New Hampshire is out, state statute gives the legislature that decision-making authority, according to Watters. (The governor’s office did not respond to questions.)

If New Hampshire decides to sit it out, Watters said he fears the state will be at an economic disadvantage.

“We will not then have that money to invest in efficiencies,” he said. “Other states will have it to put into electrification, or making grants to the trucking industry to increase the efficiency of their fleets, and so on.”

TCI is illegal in New Hampshire, and Watters knows that. He introduced a bill to try and change the law which Sununu can veto. An override is unlikely.

As to the matter of investing in efficiency, what an arrogant prick.

If the government is known for anything, it is for making bad investments and being grossly inefficient. Watters is a pompous ass (as are the whole of his party) for thinking they know better than you how best to invest your money.

Motorists, homeowners, single moms, laborers, transportation companies, and job creators will generate more value and efficiency by making decisions in the marketplace than a few hundred a**holes in Concord.

Want proof? When was the last time you called you Rep and asked them how to spend or invest your hard-earned dollars? Never! But here they are not just looking for ways to force that money from your hands into theirs but making up contrived nonsense to justify the theft.

 New Hampshire’s economy is fantastic because we ignore the fearmongering whose sole purpose is to deprive hard-working Granite Stater’s of choices and livelihoods to finance the Left’s meaningless green energy economy. 

Sorry, it’s not meaningless. It is holding all those other state’s back.

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