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Terrie Norelli and Sylvia Larsen: Jealous!?

New Hampshire Democrats treated your money like toilet paperLate in the 2007 session, when Democrats controlled the the entire New Hampshire State Government for the first time in 95 years,  then House Speaker Terri “Billion Dollar Deficit’ Norelli and Senate President Sylvia Larsen, figured the beginning of a recession was a great time to add a $72,000.00 bathroom remodel on to the backs of taxpayers.  Well, c’mon, given all the other taxes and fees they were already adding in 2007… what’s another $72,0000.00 dollars?

And so the bathroom of the House Speaker and Senate President, both Democrats, both women, got a major do-over, but I think they might be feeling a bit of jealousy today because Breitbart/ Big Government is reporting on a story out of CBS-New York, that New York City just wasted 2.3 million dollars on a taxpayer funded public restroom.

Start spreading the news.  You Democrats could be leaving today.  Don’t you want to be a part of it?  New York, New Yorrrrrrrk.