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Without Fossil Fuels Millions of Americans Could Freeze to Death

It’s weeks like this when you learn what ‘cold’ really means. The midwest has seen new record lows all across the region. The kind of cold that only fossil fuels can hold at bay. Assuming you’ve got them in adequate quantities. Which it appears they do not. Gas companies are asking their customers to keep the …

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NOAA and The Feds are Destroying Local Fisherman

NOAA and the Federal government have been putting local fisherman out of business for years. David Goethel, the owner and operator of the Ellen Diane–a 44-foot fishing trawler, out of Hampton, New Hampshire–explains their most recent attempt to snuff out his livelihood.

The Obligatory Northeast Snowfall Timelapse Video

For those of you not yet weary of reports about “the big snowstorm” in the Northeast, here’s a time-lapse video from Hartford CT. Just for contrast, we got about 18″ where I live in Southern New Hampshire, some places–not that far from me–got two feet; these folks got a tiny bit more.

Mental Recrement 5-27-12

I accept that there are several “definitions” for frappe based on the contents in the cup.  But I do not believe that anyone in New England need embarrass themselves by calling whichever whatever it is a ‘fraa-paayy.’  This is New England.  Just pronounce it a frapp. … My wife was searching for a price on …

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Harrell Tweets On Right To Work (revisited)

With the Union Leader reporting again that New Hampshire has the lowest poverty rate in he nation and is the only state under 10%, this seemed like a good time to revisit this post from mid-September; I expect the left will be regurgitating these meme so we should be prepared to rebut their nonsense.