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Hold on To Your Wallets – New England’s Governors Promising Regional Energy Improvements


New England has energy infrastructure issues. But none of them will be resolved by this. “Vermont Governor Phil Scott and governors from four Northeast states today issued a statement calling for reforms needed to achieve their states’ respective goals for clean, affordable, and reliable electricity.”

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The plan can be summarized with the opening quote from Gov. Scott.


“I’ve long said our work to address climate change can and must also work to make energy more affordable for Vermonters, so I’m pleased to be a part of this regional approach to achieving both of these priorities,” said Governor Scott. “With a strategic, multi-state approach we can have a greater impact on both climate change mitigation and energy affordability.”


More meddling is not the answer.

RGGI was a multi-state approach to climate change that made electricity less affordable and resulted in a slush fund to pay off irresponsible Democrat spending.

TCI, the Transportation Climate Initiative, is a multi-state approach to climate change (still being pushed) whose real purpose is to create another slush fund to backstop irresponsible Democrat state spending.

Whatever this new thing is will not be an improvement, but it will result in higher energy prices and create another slush fund for irresponsible Democrat spending.

Blow Me

No matter how much you love wind and want to believe it has a place despite its massive footprint and the environmental damage it creates before, during, and after its life span, it’s useless without natural gas backup.

And the same people who want whatever these five New England Governors have planned are the folks who have prevented, blocked, or lawfared away every effort to bring more natural gas into New England.

Newsflash. No amount of wind or solar will be capable of meeting peak heating demands (electric heat) in even the average New England Winter. During cold-snaps and the occasional deep freeze, people are going to die.

No, Governor Sununu did not sign on to this particular #woke nonsense (yet) for which we must thank him. But he is all-in on sea-bird killing, underperforming, offshore wind (‘cuz someone else’s money), so it’s not all good news. But we appreciate him not jumping onto this bus at the first opportunity.

But it’s an empty victory. The region is committed to making the cost of living or running a business higher and the availability of electricity less reliable. We will need a state commitment to bring reliable infrastructure into New Hampshire. That means Hydro and natural gas, and oh, hey – nuclear is great too.

The Nancy-boy climate-Karens will continue to block these sorts of common-sense energy solutions. But affordable, reliable energy is essential, and wind and solar can’t deliver it. Nor are they affordable, even with gobs of taxpayer subsidies. That’s higher electric rates by other means of taxation.

And the electricity rates in our bills are high enough already but the infrastructure problem is real. Modernization is needed. Sadly, nothing these five governors are likely to suggest, giving this introduction, will improve that.

We will hope for some sanity, but given the players, four Democrats, and a Democrat registered as a Republican, I’m not holding my breath.

An emailed request to Governor Sununu’s office for comment went unanswered.