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Northeast Activists Still Working to Ensure We All Freeze to Death

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For years, New England has had an energy deficit problem exacerbated by the Left’s None of the Above strategy toward new infrastructure. They block pipelines, power plants, even transmission lines that could deliver their crappy, dirty wind and solar.

The latest front on this war is in Peabody (pee-biddy), Massachusetts. The City is trying to build an 85 million dollar ‘Peaker’ plant. It would use oil or gas to provide power that would fill gaps when demand is high. Translation: when it’s friggin cold as hell, and everyone is trying to stay warm, it would keep the grid from collapsing.

A common problem in places that rely too heavily on wind or solar, which are lousy most times but even less reliable in winter. Wind and solar cannot deliver, but if you intend to pretend otherwise, they need backup. A “peaker plant,” run on natural gas, is ideal (because Nuclear – the best option all around – is verboten).

NG lowers the so-called devil gasses the windy-solar people promise us we need to reduce, but you need pipeline infrastructure to deliver it, and they are opposed. Blocking them has created a considerable problem in the Northeast, which we’ve covered at length.

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They don’t want you burning wood (unless it’s in a biomass facility): no Nuclear, no NG, no oil, no coal, no nothing. To aid and abet the Boston Globe, a reliable mouthpiece of the approved narratives, opened their “reporting” with this.


PEABODY — It would cost $85 million to build, spew thousands of tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere for years to come, and perpetuate the reliance on fossil fuels in a dozen communities across Massachusetts, all while a new state law takes effect requiring drastic cuts of greenhouse gas emissions


Please tell us how you truly feel. And they do. The “reporter” rolls out every canard on the palm card, including the spreading “harmful particulate matter in surrounding vulnerable, lower-income communities, exacerbating asthma and other respiratory illnesses.”

You’d think they were burning tires in the street.

Modern power plants provide very little in the way of harmful particulate matter in the US. China, they’ve got an enormous problem, but this isn’t Beijing. It’s Peabody, MA. And it gets cold there in the winter.

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If you want to worry, every policy you propose makes it harder for lower-income communities to make ends meet after you have priced them out of every necessary fuel for modern living. Expenses that eat into strained budgets needed for other things like housing, food, and clothing.

And, lest we forget, your energy future – as dirty and irresponsible as it may be – is impossible without peaker plants. But here you are undermining that same future.

And no one should be surprised by that.