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Nashua School Board Member Says Parent Protesters are “privileged white upper middle class woman bitching”

I’m shocked and disappointed to see such an unprofessional confirmation of the divisive and self-serving attitudes held by certain members of the BOE. Elected to represent the ENTIRE Nashua School District community, outright attacking and disparaging a group of parents exercising their God-given rights and duties to advocate for their children is simply reprehensible.

How to stop living in fear

Tyranny Begins Small

According to the Washington Times over the weekend there was a civil disturbance in Dayton Ohio. Dayton is a small city of about 140,000 people west of Columbus. It is a county seat slightly larger than Manchester. Mobilization against the threat: The Washington Times story estimated the city’s cost at $650K including personnel, contracts and …

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Black Vote In Question?

The fact that I even have to write a title like that is absurd but that’s where we are.  And we’re more ‘there’ now than before the great uniter floated into the Oval Office on a glowing cloud drawn by a color-blind team of bipartian BS.  So why might the black vote be in question? …

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Wolf Blitzes Obama – Criticizes NAACP No-Show, Says Romney “Did The Right Thing”

Romney went to the NAACP convention in Houston yesterday, July 12th, and I’m sure you read about Mitt getting booed for vowing to repeal ObamaCare, but did you read ANYWHERE in the Liberal media that Romney got a Standing Ovation as he closed his speech? Here’s Wolfie! This was Blitzer’s pull quote: “Here is something …

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