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Black Leaders in Minneapolis are Pissed off The City Council Wants to Defund the Police


Remember that time, at Virtue-Signalling Camp, when a bunch of #woke Minneapolis city councilors leaped at the chance to appease systemic Marxism? Defund the police, they said. Yes, said the city council. But then it turned out that the actual black leaders in the city opposed that idea. Say what?

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Do you mean to say that Black Lives Matter doesn’t speak for black people? They do not.

The very people that the Minneapolis city council claimed to be serving in its attempt to eliminate its own police department have begun blasting the idea as “absurd” and “ridiculous.” African-American leaders within the city are accusing the council of rushing to a conclusion without engaging them — and offering a proposal that will leave them unprotected from violence in the future:

Wait, it gets better. The proposed replacement for the police would be lead by someone with “non-law enforcement experience in community safety services, including but not limited to public health and/or restorative justice approaches.” The Urban League and Local NAACP, neither of whom says they were consulted, said this is an attack on the cities black police chief.

So, follow along.

  • A group founded by militant feminist Marxists (BLM) with the help of Marxist Anarchists (Antifa) burn and loot minority neighborhoods claiming to be the voice for minority justice.
  • They advance a Marxist solution (de-policing), which the Democrat Socialista on the city council leap to embrace.
  • All in the name of a black community whose actual leaders they never consult who are opposed to the ‘solution’ (defunding or cutting police budgets).

As noted elsewhere, many inner-city blacks believe that there are not enough police officers patrolling their neighborhoods. They want more police, not fewer.

I’ve been pointing out for years that the Democrats don’t care about their minority communities or the lives of black Americans. They pander then leave them helpless to defend themselves from violent members in their own communities. Then Democrats pander to BLM and leave them helpless in the face of rising violence in their own communities.

There is no perfect solution but as Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air,

This is almost a picture-perfect example of the frustration that African-Americans have had with progressives and Democrats. Republicans ignore them, but their putative allies take them for granted and condescendingly dictate solutions for their problems without getting their input.

In New Hampshire, at least, the governor’s shiny new committee on the matter of policing, etc., includes statewide leaders of the NAACP and other stakeholders. And while that is a step in the right direction, if history is any indication, the results will be decidedly left-wing cultural identity, equity-inclusive culturally Marxist #wokeness.

In other words, if it is not built, so by design, it will be hijacked into a slow roll (more incrementalism) toward advancing the same left-wing agenda unless we get more stupid and elect a Democrat as governor in November. At that point, we’ll be fast-tracking the Democrat-Socialist model (under a new state of emergency) to advance whatever Democrat agenda they can impose by fiat since Gov. Sununu has demonstrated just how easy that is to do here.

So, let’s maybe not le that happen, mmm-kay?