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Tyranny Begins Small

How to stop living in fear

According to the Washington Times over the weekend there was a civil disturbance in Dayton Ohio. Dayton is a small city of about 140,000 people west of Columbus. It is a county seat slightly larger than Manchester.

Mobilization against the threat:

The Washington Times story estimated the city’s cost at $650K including personnel, contracts and materials. The city sent 350 police officers to control a 9 member group of KKK demonstrators who had applied for a demonstration permit. The rally sponsor was reported to be the Honorable Sacred Knights.

It seems the civic authorities in Dayton lost the big picture. Why in the world does it make sense to respond to a rally by nine people, however noxious the group, however repugnant their cause, with that kind of force? Have we really become that fearful and thin skinned?

The police fenced off the Montgomery Courthouse Square. Downtown Dayton was fully closed off to cars. There was heavy police presence. Two police lines, a barricade, and blocks of distance were placed between the 9 KKK and a counter protest crowd. The Times reported the KKK people could barely be seen and could not be heard all day.

The Dayton Police Department was joined by officers from the Ohio State Patrol, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, and the Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo police. EMT’s were wearing bullet proof vests. There were snipers on roofs, lots of riot gear, cops, etc.

All the parties involved:

No arrests were made, though counter-protest groups turned out to denounce the KKK group. Those groups included Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). Apparently the NAACP Dayton Unit held a festival at the same time as the rally. “Dayton Unites Against Hate” signs were posted throughout the city. All of the groups involved; KKK, BLM, Antifa, NBPP and NAACP are Leftist.

The mayor issued a statement to the effect that she was, “…very glad that today’s events went off without incident and the hate group that tried to threaten our city is gone… that we are a community that can come together in a time of fear and anger and peacefully stand up for our neighbors.”

The tyranny of the majority:

Isn’t it time to take a deep breath and put occurrences like this into perspective? When the KKK or any other group can only muster 9 people to an advertised and promoted event which they applied in advance for a permit; there is no substantive “threat”. That is called a Public Relations Event. Certainly there is no threat requiring this scale of response. The response disproportionate and the cost wasteful.

But this exercise was not about money. It was about intimidation, bullying and sending a message. This event was about using the tyranny of the majority against a minority. There needs to be an investigation into whether this was even real. It seems probable it was staged, a hoax. Were there really any KKK people in Dayton? Even if there were, isn’t it likely they were cooperating with the other Leftist groups?

Who is to say this event wasn’t staged by the 650 member strong BLM, Antifa and the NBPP, KKK and NAACP groups? Why were law enforcement authorities drawn into such a lopsided, unnecessary and wasteful exercise? Was this a kind of test to see how much response would be drawn by this kind of claim? Celebrating Memorial Day playing Chicken Little games to fleece the taxpayer somehow seems inappropriate.