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Well, it’s nice to put closure on things from time to time.  First off,  time to close a chapter on a bit of a tiff: I have received an apology from Pat Hynes concerning this and it has been accepted.  Further, my friend has also accepted a contrite apology from Pat as well.  As our …

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Hasbro Capitalizes on Beer Pong

Just imagine the awe (and your own personal pride) at hearing stories about how your college age child–at an investment of anywhere from $15-50K per year–can put a ping-pong ball into a beer cup faster than Tiger can sink a mini-golf putt off the rail, through the windmill, under the waterfall and…Cuponk!

Flesh Is For Zombies

The Walking Dead, which just ran its initial 6 episode release, could use a few zombies with PETA shirts when season two comes out next fall. “Flesh is for Zombies” PETA shirts on an actual zombie would be funny but not nearly as funny as regular PETA shirts on Zombatized Vegan wackos, bent over to chew on some some poor bastards slimy organs.

Topics from this morning

Jeff Chedster was filling in for Charlie Sherman yesterday and today on the early morning show on 610 WGIR-AM here in NH and asked if I’d represent GraniteGrok in a "lightning round" format.  Here are the topics we touched upon and a couple of the links so you can read more for yourself! Patriotic Millionaires …

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