Happy Thanksgiving eh? - Granite Grok

Happy Thanksgiving eh?

Happy Columbus Day eh?You are never too young to learn, and today I learned that it is Thanksgiving in Canada.  And I have not even put up my Halloween decorations yet.  How did I live this long without knowing that?  (Public school alumnus might have something to do with it.) It is also the day an Italian explorer, sailing on Spanish welfare, discovered a great place to take a honeymoon or even just a weekend getaway.  That’s right, the Bahamas.

In recognition of finding the Bahama’s, public service union employees all across the fruited plain, get a paid day off.  (along with a few others).  I’m not sure we need to "explore" this any further to get to the nexus of thought on the why’s and what fors in this decision making process.

Meanwhile, the lesser creatures, those working to avoid being on the public dole (you know, the people who on average make half what government employees are now making)  are at their posts, manning the coffee makers and bagging stations, so the government employees can use this opportunity to return a few of their taxpayer supported salaries back into the economy.  So I guess Columbus day is really a form of government stimulus for which, thanks to the Canadians, we really should give thanks.

But then, this is like a mugger giving you back a twenty after he’s taken a few hundred.  We’d actually save more if instead of giving them another paid day off we simply gave a few of these turkeys the boot.

In the mean time (since I have no idea how they celebrate Thanksgiving in the Great White North) pass the stuffing, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving.