Coffee Party Needs More Prunes. - Granite Grok

Coffee Party Needs More Prunes.

Apparently the post Tea Party, can’t we all just get along, moderate, reaching across the aisle movement had its big national Coffee Party Convention this weekend.

… (?)

Yeah, that’s what I said.

Hot Air has some actual video of a room (posted here on the jump) with a few people in it.  Looks like the seniors got lost on the way to the all expenses paid time-share weekend seminar, or maybe a bus or two missed Foxwoods and just kept going?  Like I said.  Big….national….convention. Big…..convention.


350 people showed up.

But it is instructive.  We can see the difference between an unplanned spontaneous national uprising of like minded Americans with a specific goal of stopping reckless spending and shrinking the government (the Tea Party) compared to a planned and premeditated effort funded by left wing elites to gather moderates who refuse to admit they are democrats for the purpose of turning them into RINO infiltrators.

Based on the turnout, I’d say quite a few people figured it out for themselves anyway.  Not a lot of enthusiasm in that room.

And a note to the meeting leaders, any room full of people that age will tell you that stopping a "movement" is not the problem, it’s getting it started.  If I’m not mistaken, Prunes are an excellent way to get the movement started.