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Jeanne Shaheen Said ‘Global Warming’ Would “Mess” With Maple Syrup Season and ‘She’s Right’

Maple syrup taps

For the first time in a few years, the sap’s not running yet. No, I don’t mean Democrat contenders for President. We’ve got more of those that we can shake a stick at or maybe a tree tap.  I refer to the annual ritual of “blogger writing about maple syrup as a canary in the Global warming coal mine.”

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This all began when Jeanne Shaheen, former governor and armchair environmentalist declared the state’s doom. Global Warming. That was over ten years ago. No doom. But rest assured we’ve got new and improved doom. And our disinterest in her parties prescriptions will be our undoing. She speaks for the trees.

Jeanne ‘The Lorax’ Shaheen has long insisted that our influence over the weather would make it too warm to tap sap. Last years annual report on this theory was one of my better dissertations on the topic. But it is a new year, and the fraud keeps coming except that this time, it has been too damn cold.

Damien Fisher, writing for the Union Leader, quotes, James Fadden whose family has a long tradition of producing syrup in New Hampshire.

“It’s a little too cold,” Fadden said last week.

The conditions haven’t been quite right yet for most maple syrup producers in the state to start gathering their sap and boiling that down into maple syrup, said Nick Kosko, president of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association.

The season will start in the next week or so. Some years it starts sooner. We’ve heard of taps in January. This year it happens to be March. What you use to heat your home or run your car has nothing to do with it. But the Jeanne Shaheen’s of the world can’t let that stand.

We’ve Seen The Future, And You’re Not In Charge

The busy-bodies sequestered in high offices (and low) must convince you of two things. That there is a problem. And that only government can fix it.

Astute observers of modern Democrat Socialists and human history understand that people inclined to rule others view every circumstance through this filter. Even the problem of too much government, according to the people in it, can easily be solved with more government.

Jeanne Shaheen loves to tell us about how government needs to intervene before New Hampshire loses all its touristy wonderments to the evils of man-made climate change.

Beginning with her Senate races, Snowfall, Maple Syrup, Skiing, Foliage, and all the jobs and profits that extend from that have been on the block unless we abandon cheap, abundant energy for more costly government regulation and interference in every aspect of our lives.

None of her predictions came to pass so she changed her narrative. That’s how this works.

More government is the only goal. More control. Higher taxes. More regulation. Top-down manipulation of your day-to-day. The droning media-machine is the music for great legisaltive works. A tune for an interpretive dance in which the government is always the lead. And they will say or do anything to convince more of us to follow them.

The destination is as it has always been in human history. It is a miserable place where nothing ever runs right, especially not the state.