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Global Warming Hit Maple Syrup So Hard in 2020 We Set a Global Record for Production


Remember when Jeanne Shaheen said if we didn’t do something about global warming blah blah blah? Of course, you do, we bring it up all the time. And look, we’re doing it again.

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Thanks to nature (and some hard-working Sugarmakers) 2020, set a global record for Maple Syrup production, which is not surprising. It wasn’t that warm, then it was, then it wasn’t. As I noted last year, you can’t successfully tap Maple trees without a changing climate. So, it is that much more enjoyable to make fun of Democrats who claimed so many years ago that our kids would not know what snow is. Or, that the leaf-peeping season would suffer. Or that Maple Syrup production would suffer.

The only reliable threat to anything continues to be the government. The Maple’s are doing just fine.

Sugarmakers in the United States made 4.372 million gallons of syrup, breaking the old record is 4.199 set in the 2018 season.

The USDA survey has been widely questioned over the years, with most industry insiders claiming the report dramatically undercounts production. Still, the report the only official tally of the maple syrup crop.

The USDA is a government agency, so their results are certainly suspect, but no one is disputing these results. And yes, the 2018 record and 2020 record make 2019 look like a slacker (it was cold too long), it was still a decent year overall, which continues to be the case in the era of Mann Made Global Warming.

And no, the slight reduction in CO2 from global Virus Socialism plays no part. When this trace gas rises, plants thrive, become stronger, are more disease, insect resistant, and expand their reach.

If you take the politics out of it, these year-after-year improvements make sense. With the politics in, you just ignore another failed prediction and call your opponents’ names. Then spin the narrative. Lable them as anti-science or deniers. Deniers of your corrupt little scheme, yes we are; be it climate socialism or virus socialism, or Democrat socialism, the goal is always socialism.

For the record, we love the environment, avoid viruses, though not at the expense of jobs and job creators, and oppose socialism no matter how you package it. The latest Race-Socialism is no different. Whether that that makes you happy or unhappy have some pancakes. There’s plenty of Maple Syrup.