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Ask Jeanne Shaheen – About Diminshed Snowfall

Stop Global Warming snow

Remember the halcyon days when the science of global warming was settled?  Do you recall the dire warnings from green industry activists “experts” around the world, echoed by prominent herd-animal Democrats, including some from New Hampshire?

That Global Warming was going to diminish regional snowfalls and ruin the ski and tourism industry?

Well, there is one thing we can say about “settled science” when it comes to Global Warming.  It is the conclusion that is settled.  The science leading there, that’s gotten real unsettling.

Case in point?  Snowfall.  We had to, just had to start spending as much as possible to avert a catastrophe on the issue of ‘Hello My Name Is “diminished snowfall.”

Enter candidate Jeanne Shaheen, November 2007

CONCORD, New Hampshire (CNN) – At a climate change rally held outside the statehouse, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen called for a renewed commitment to protecting the environment.

“Our quality of life is being affected by our failure to address global warming,” said Shaheen.

That was a staple of her Senate campaign.  New Hampshire would suffer from global warning’s shorter winters and decreased snowfalls.  Seen any of those lately?  I haven’t.  But you know what?  Longer winters have a detrimental effect on the tapping season and Maple Syrup production, something else Jeanne was certain would be ruined by global warming.

Science has come to their emotional rescue.  While the winter sporting industry is in a boom, some parts of the state are still so deep in snow that they can’t start to tap trees.  And thanks to the unsettling nature of settled science, we can still blame the impact of increased snowfall on global warming.

You heard right. Increased snowfall is now an indicator of global warming.  And that can only mean one thing.   It’s not really a science, its a destination.  And the one true constant we can expect from a global warming adherent is not decreasing snowfall (increasing), more severe and frequent hurricanes (fewer hurricanes), Himalayan glacier melt (not melting), rising seas and temperatures (not happening), polar ice caps vanishing (getting bigger), Polar bears going extinct (population is huge and growing) or any of a list of other symptoms we are not experiencing, is what I like to call the AGWBS Constant.

That is the level of BS from AGW supporters required to keep the taxpayer-funded grants Global.

As for the syrup, no one is concerned, they’ll just start a bit later.  But for Jeanne, well, she’s up to her eyeballs in AGWBS.