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It’s Maple Syrup Season Again…


Maple Syrup and Global Warming it must be time to make fun of Jeanne ‘Global Warming’ Shaheen. (Or just Greene Shaheen if you prefer.)

When Mrs. Greene Jeanne ran for the Senate in 2008 she made a point of making some dire predictions about the ill effects of Global Warming–if left unattended.  (Back in 2008 they were still calling it that even though there hadn’t been any warming in a while.)  One of the dire consequences–none of which came true by the way, was an impact on New Hampshire’s Maple Syrup production.  So every year we visit the topic.

And yes, it is a bit early to tell but the Nashua Telegraph is already reporting that this Maple Season looks to be better than last years.   In a local community piece, reporter David Brooks focuses on syrup hobbyists who explain their joy and the adventure of making it yourself.  But Brooks takes time to tap this little factoid.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says U.S. production was down 32 percent in 2012 compared with 2011, while New Hampshire production fell 37 percent. Tallies were the lowest since 2007.

For the record, according to a Union Leader article–which I wrote about here--in the previous year, 2011,  production was at a 76 year high.

I just wanted to make sure that got out there.

So 76 year high, 37 percent drop from the 2011 record high by the way (so average or above?), and now–very likely–better than last year.   Sounds like “Global Warm-ongering” is good for New Hampshire.

(It was even good for the trees last autumn.)