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Nobel Peace Prize

ICYMI – Trump has been nominated for TWO Nobel Peace Prizes

Yep, the first one I caught here for the agreement that he and Jared Kuchner (+ others) forged between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Bahrain also joined in with Trump saying that other Arab nations may join in.  Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament and chairman of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, …

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death to america

BLM and ANTIFA: Death to America

It is a fundamental human trait to locate the source of anything bad happening and try to neutralize it. However, there are times that the source of the harm cannot be pinpointed or when successfully recognized; it cannot be eliminated. Failure to recognize the source or neutralize it can devastate our cities.

Death to America

Is Peace Breaking Out In the Middle East?

Lao Tzu said it. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So this week an auspicious step was taken. It should go without notice. Thursday a deal was finalized during a call between Trump, Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed.