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Hillary Said ‘No Peace Unless We Win.’ They Won, and Declared War

This is hardly breaking news, it is a presumed fact every time her lips are moving. Hillary Clinton lied. But given the recent focus on violent rhetoric (of the impeachable sort, not the real-world variety) this seems relevant. In October of 2018, Miz Clinton said there could be no peace unless we (Democrats) win.

Rope a Dope

Rope a Dope … Submission is not Unity

Biden’s call for unity harkens back to Muhamad Ali’s Rope a Dope strategy against Joe Frazier. Americans are right at this point to have some serious trust issues. Calls for unity in our polarized time are out of place and at best ill-timed.

Keith Olberman

Bitter Clingers, Deplorables…..and now Maggots?

Yep, for sure – Keith Olbermann, who should really stick to reporting and commenting on sports, has decided to go all Jim Carey (who really should just stick to just acting), and showed us all how unhinged one’s TDS can make them.

After all, if you put them on a table, they stay on the table, right?

And Merry Christmas to Hillary who has brought this Epstein meme family upon herself!  IMAGINE the fun that would be had by all if the far-away rumors that she’s just waiting for the current crop of Democrat Prez Wannabees to blow themselves and then she reveals herself in a Supergirl cape and screams “I’M RUNNING!”. …

After all, if you put them on a table, they stay on the table, right? Read More »