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Hillary Said ‘No Peace Unless We Win.’ They Won, and Declared War

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This is hardly breaking news, it is a presumed fact every time her lips are moving. Hillary Clinton lied. But given the recent focus on violent rhetoric (of the impeachable sort, not the real-world variety) this seems relevant. In October of 2018, Miz Clinton said there could be no peace unless we (Democrats) win.

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Hillary promises more chaos


No Peace unless we win. Sure.

There has not only not been any peace from the left there has been more violence. Before, during, and after they won.

I guess what she meant to say is there can be no peace but that would be honest. Outside her wheelhouse. But she knows that truth. The command and control arrangement Democrats prefer can never be at peace even with its own people. A problem Nancy Pelosi clarified around the same time that Miz Clinton told us how it would be.

Pelosi -“if there is collateral damage to Americans who don’t share our views, so be it.”

The mean girls mean now and forever till death do you part. Yours, if it comes to that.

And now that they have the power they are declaring war because that is all they know and it is something you should have known or will soon enough.