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Poll Has Corey Lewandowski with double-Digit Primary Lead if he Enters NH Senate Race

Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump will be Manchester, NH tomorrow. Corey Lewandowski will be with him and is considering a challenge to Jeanne Shaheen for US Senate. No one is publicly saying it’s a done deal, but one Poll already shows him with a lead in the GOP primary.

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From Politico.

The survey of 400 likely primary voters was conducted Aug. 11-Aug. 12 by Tony Fabrizio, who separately serves as a top pollster on the president’s reelection campaign. Lewandowski leads a prospective primary matchup with 30 percent, followed by Bolduc at 11 percent and O’Brien 10 percent.

My money is on a push from President Trump Thursday evening, if not a public announcement that Corey is running.

  • Trump “lost” NH in 2016 by less than a margin of error (2537 votes).
  • Shaheen is a DC Democrat institution and a life-long politician.
  • Lewandowski has been in politics but is not necessarily perceived as an insider.
  • Trump and Lewandowski are close, and Trump is going to be in NH.
  • A Senator Lewandowski is an enormous asset for President Trump.
  • Double-digit polling lead

Optics, momentum, huge crowd, you’d be crazy not to announce Thursday night, in Manchester. 

With Great Endorsement Comes…

And with a wink and a smile, if not a show of full-blown support, President Trump would encourage enough resources toward Corey to challenge Shaheen’s political weight and war chest. 

I think that would be good for the race, the NHGOP, and New Hampshire. It energizes the base to turn out and vote down-ticket, and NH’s 2018 losses across the State are entirely the product of poor turnout.

It also puts that Senate seat in serious play. It would force the Democrats to consider moving more resources here that they might otherwise spend someplace else.

They do not want to lose a single Democrat-held seat in the US Senate. They could lose this one.

Of course, the pre-Manchester-event buzz is that there’s plenty of time to decide. But that no one ever really knows what the President might say from the podium.


I can’t lay claim to any insider information but my political math tells me that Lewandowski is running. If he is, not announcing that tomorrow would be a missed opportunity of epic proportion.

I don’t see this President letting that opportunity pass him by.

| The Hill

Disclosure: I am a member of the Board of the 603 Alliance which has endorsed Bill O’Brian for US Senate in New Hampshire.