Remember Valerie Plame? She is Running for Congress on the Same Lies that Made her 'Famous' - Granite Grok

Remember Valerie Plame? She is Running for Congress on the Same Lies that Made her ‘Famous’

Valerie Plame - Free Beacon

Valerie Plame was a media darling of Democrats circa Bush 2.0. Plame’s circumstances are highly relevant to today for reasons I’m happy to share. And not just because Valerie is running for Congress in 2020 in a D+8 District on the same lies that made her famous.

Plame was canonized by the left. Media parade, a book deal, and a talking-point driven multi-million dollar investigation by House Democrats that resulted in railroading an innocent man because they needed a scalp.

When CIA Desk-Jockey Valerie Plame was “outed”  [*] the left went postal for years on the incompetence of the Bush Administration, then wasted millions on an investigation that was more a sound bite machine for Democrat-friendly talking-heads than an effort to find justice for a pencil pusher with a disgraced husband.

Scooter Libby got hung out to dry on process crimes by the FBI. See also, could not recall exactly what he said two years before and was charged with lying to federal agents. 

Two things stand out in this new ad from Valerie Plame, who is running for Congress as a Democrat in New Mexico.

She declares, “Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff took revenge against my husband and leaked my identity. His name? Scooter Libby.”

Democrat Candidate Plame is running on the injustice of Republican presidents pardoning Scooter Libby. “Truths” that if she told them to federal agents under oath should get her the same treatment as Libby.

Richard Armitage, a former deputy secretary of state outed Plame as a CIA employee to both Bob Woodward and Robert Novak. CNN even reported it in 2006 but, she must have forgotten.

[Scooter Libby] was convicted on four of the counts and acquitted on one charge of making false statements to the FBI. President Bush commuted the 30 months in prison portion of his sentence, but kept the felony conviction, sentence of two years of probation, and $250,000 fine. Libby completed 400 hours of community service. Trump pardoned Libby, effectively erasing the felony conviction from his record.

Left-wing accolades, book deals, and a Movie about your ‘story,’ can make you forget the truth. And she was, after all, bashing Bush folk. Even if the guy they ultimately blamed (because they couldn’t pin anything on anyone else) didn’t do it and wasn’t even charged for it.

Plame will have to work hard to lose the race.

Another lying Democrat in congress. And she’ll fit in more ways than one. She also appears to be another pro-BDS antisemite leftist.