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Is Capitalism Evil?

The cover page of the July 4th Union Leader read, “Poetry Returns with a Slam,” headlining the return of Slam Free or Die, a poetry club that had not met in person since the beginning of the COVID lockdowns.

Why Government Can NEVER Get this Right

The opportunity that the free market offers exist for anyone regardless of age, sex, gender, race, origin, any of it. All you need is an idea and the motivation to get it out of your head and into the world as a real thing.


About Freedom…

Freedom is often talked about, praised, and glorified. We fight wars for freedom, sing songs about freedom, even our New Hampshire state motto pays homage to freedom, “Live free or die.” However, as I go about my duties as a Legislator and State Representative, I have serious concerns.

Free Marketplace

Data Point – 75% of Likely Voters Prefer Capitalism to Socialism

Being so immersed in what the Left believes, sometimes it’s hard to keep perspective on things.  For this, WHEW! Reformatted, emphasis mine: A new poll by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports finds that a vast majority of likely voters prefer a free-market economic system over a socialist economic system. When asked on December 6-7, “Which …

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Notable Quote – a warning to the NH GOFFER Commission

…which has been tasked on “restarting” the NH economy by “planning” how to “reopen” our economy. George Will: Markets produce many things secondarily, from shoes to trucks to novels, but primarily they produce information, in torrents that no government is intelligent enough to comprehend or nimble enough to respond to. Sure, Government can infringe, hinder, …

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Notable Quote – a Twofer

The market has never tried to change human nature, and guardians of the market have never considered using the market to change human nature. Instead, precisely because human nature cannot be changed, the market economy exists, which is also the reason the market economy is necessary: It causes human actions to better conform to the …

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