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About Freedom…


Freedom is often talked about, praised, and glorified. We fight wars for freedom, sing songs about freedom, even our New Hampshire state motto pays homage to freedom, “Live free or die.” However, as I go about my duties as a Legislator and State Representative, I have serious concerns.

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Many of those whom we elect to represent us in our Government of, by and for the people have little to no understanding of what freedom actually is, much less how and why it is the singularly most important underpinning our Republic.

The concept of freedom is simple, yet to put it and keep it in practice seems to be a constant battle.

There is no end to “social and protective” legislation being put forth. This influx of “altruistic morality” ushers in a welfare state that brings us closer and closer to collectivism which must be reversed and rejected. In other words, the government has NO right to initiate force or compulsion against any citizen, the exception being only that of a criminal.

In a Republic, unlike a democracy, no majority or minority can take away citizens’ freedom. Any interactions, dealings or choices are through voluntary consent, and voluntary co-operation. This is why we have “Unalienable Rights” as outlined in our Constitution. The government doesn’t give us these rights; therefore, the government cannot take them away!

An example of this lack of understanding of freedom is the introduction (yet again) of minimum wage bills in the House. The “altruistic morality” says, “people can’t live on “X” dollars an hour; we must make it fair and have a minimum wage of “Z” dollars.”

A large and integral part of freedom is the laissez-faire approach to free-market economics which relies on voluntary consent and voluntary co-operation to trade. The dollar amount I purposely left out as it is not germane to the issue. What is germane to the issue is that neither employers nor employees can use state compulsion in the affairs of free men, period!

It is not the government’s job to set the playing field up or the rules of commerce; at most government is there to settle disputes between parties.

This country was made by free men who succeeded on their ability and, as a result, created the most successful governing model in the history of mankind and the engine to lift not only us but the world out of abject poverty by creating wealth.

Freedom is far more than a song, or a talking point, or a motto. Freedom is who we are. We had better understand that and teach our children while we have the freedom to do so.

Representative Gregg Hough