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The “Racist” Left Is Selling The Pursuit of Success as White Supremacy to Keep Minorities Down

Ann Kuster, Democrats wearing the party's traditional racist colors

If lifting people out of poverty and ending dependency is a goal the only system with the proven record of success is a Constitutional Republic with free market capitalism. So, why is it lost on so many that the Democrat party is in open rebellion against both?

The Left is engaged in a war on prosperity. A war on trust. A war on individual success. A war on minorities. They want to control what words mean, what you can say, how your wages are earned and spent, everything, including who succeeds, and what that means.

They are engaged in a war with multiple fronts against the only thing in human history that has allowed anyone to succeed regardless of where they started in life. 

The Left is not alone. There are entire armies of like-minded progressives hiding on the right slow stroking the path to dependency. Donning the left’s self-righteousness they promote its progressive social, cultural, and language narratives. Advance their policies. Even suppress the speech of the left’s political opponents.

These ‘useful idiots’ are not just buying; they are selling political and cultural correctness. Aiding and abetting the modern Democrat Parties obsession with the socialist vision of a political master race. Liberal supremacy. Actual racism.

We can only assume that when they’ve helped bring about the end of the American miracle, they expect to get better seats than the rest of us and whatever passes for a voice under the new regime.

The Real Racism

These modern racists come in all colors and flavors (Al Sharpton and Ilhan Omar come to mind), but they are all lead by the Democrat party and its media dogs.

And while the Left’s racists used to wear white hoods (some still do) most come dressed in liberal privilege. A hucksters cloak woven from a fairy tale, hawking their piss in shiny bottles as the cure-all for everything that ails us.

Sarah Hoyt, writing at PJ Media, offers up their latest prescription; it is little more than a calculated effort to create generations of dependents and underachievers by training people to oppose individualism and the pursuit of their personal path to success.  To eschew the gift that free market capitalism in a constitutional Republic provides to anyone, no matter where you start, as white supremacy.

So, just like their attempt to define “patriarchy” has led them to make it impossible for business women to have closed-door meetings with male bosses or mentors, their definition of white supremacy is making it impossible for any minorities or, for that matter, under-privileged white people to improve themselves or create a better future for their descendants.

Sarah shares this slide from a presentation by “Richard Carranza’s ‘white-supremacy culture’ training for school admins.”

The lefts white supremacy war on success

As Sarah notes,

…the left, in teaching people to avoid white supremacy, assumes that minorities cannot express themselves in writing, can’t get things done on time, and won’t try to make the work as good as possible.

In other words, the left are in fact the white supremacists who believe any virtue that contributes to civilization must be white. The fact that they then want to suppress it — in everyone but themselves — is probably part of their plan to concentrate power.

The Left’s plantation hell is expanding. Inclusive excellence, diversity, and equity, the three-headed social justice Cerberus, will now include labeling anyone who thinks they can do better for themselves outside the walls of their politically correct, economically bankrupt prison, as white supremacist – or just racist in the case of “minorities” who refuse to be held back by Democrat nostrums.

The Left is not the least bit interested in what success means to you. And now they’ve got a plan to make sure you are not just afraid of it; you run away from it. Remain forever in the arms of government dependency and a life of subsistence-living at the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.

They are preaching generational political slavery to minorities. What could be more racist than that?

| Sarah Hoyt