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Thinking about “first principles.” 

Is Today’s America What the Founders Had in Mind?

Today seems the right time to be thinking about “first principles.” A first principle is a basic assumption that cannot be deduced any further. First principle thinking is a fancy way of saying “think like a scientist.” Thomas Ricks has a book of the same name that addresses whether today’s America is what the Founders …

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Electoral College

DISQUS Doodlings – About that Electoral College

The Left is VERY desirous about doing to the Electoral College what they did to States’ interests when the Progressives passed the 17th Amendment. If there is a puzzled look on your face, let me explain (quickly).


Religious Freedom and Free Exercise

Religious freedom and free exercise of religion are prominent in the First Amendment. Coronavirus response has, among other things brought on a very intense, national debate. Yes, people are continuing to discuss the wisdom of lockdowns.

USA Stressed Flag Cracks

What Do You Believe and Why Do You Believe It?

What did the pledge of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor mean to the founders? Is the era; are the people of the era which created the foundation of the United States of America inconsequential? That is what the 1619 project, the media and much of academia would have us believe.

Decision making without a grasp of the impact

Some Founders’ Examples

Here are some founders’ examples. They did not just talk the talk. They walked the walk. The founders had the vision to create a new system of government. It was something never seen before in world history. They built a nation. They separated from the unjust rule of England and went to something more and …

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Majority rule

Preventing Majority Rule From Being Unjust

For the American founders majority rule was the problem. To prevent majority rule from becoming unjust they designed measures into our constitution. Do you agree rule by majority can be an issue? When might it be desirable to thwart majority rule?

Betsy Ross Flag

Contrary to the Left, our Founders were anti-slavery.

Steve has covered Nike’s reversal of distributing their new Betsy Ross Flag draped sneakers simply on the say so of former 49’s quarterback and current SJW-in-residence’s say-so. Slavery he said.  Gaslighting, I say.  Two things are at play here: Continual attack on our history by the Left as being evil (and this should be forgotten …

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