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Taken Care of or Do We Want Liberty

Taken Care of or Do We Want Liberty

Do most of us want to be taken care of or do we want liberty? Most of us have an exaggerated and idealized picture of the past. We long for a return to times gone by. The reason isn’t because food was more plentiful or better quality. It isn’t because we were more free. There wasn’t more love or less work and nature wasn’t more wondrous.

Requirements of liberty

Nope, the reason we are drawn to the past is that we were taken care of. We did not have to take care of ourselves.
It is a myth that people yearn for freedom. Freedom is hard and dangerous. In order to be free we have to think constantly, to reason, plan and struggle.

We have to be responsible. Responsible for ourselves but also for those we care about, our family, community and nation. Some people actually do these things but they are not the majority.

Many of us, if not most, prefer to be taken care of. People almost everywhere in the world prefer a big state, a big government, to a small limited one. This is true even though the bigger the state the less individual freedom we have. This, more than probably anything else, is the reason the American experiment is unique in world history.

Why did the founders make America to be free?

This is the reason why the founders produced the freest country in the history of the world. Is it coincidental America was founded by people with deep reverence for the Bible? Is it coincidence the words on the Liberty Bell are from Leviticus 25:10 “… Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof…”?

Freedom is a miracle not a law of nature or man. Miracles bring people to faith only for a very short time. Ingratitude follows soon after a miracle. This is a truism that isn’t self evident. Despite what we may think miracles do not necessarily lead to faith. Why isn’t America, biological life, intelligent live or music miracles? Why is it that everything came about on its own, by chance, is more rational than everything is a miracle?

Sometimes it is good to reflect on what we have. It may even be worth reading a little history once in a while. It can help us to know where we came from. Nostalgia can be fun. It may not be how we set the best path for our future. Do most of us want to be taken care of or do we want liberty? What do you want for yourself, your family, your community and your nation? Now get out there and vote.