Contrary to the Left, our Founders were anti-slavery. - Granite Grok

Contrary to the Left, our Founders were anti-slavery.

Betsy Ross Flag

Steve has covered Nike’s reversal of distributing their new Betsy Ross Flag draped sneakers simply on the say so of former 49’s quarterback and current SJW-in-residence’s say-so. Slavery he said.  Gaslighting, I say.  Two things are at play here:

  1. Continual attack on our history by the Left as being evil (and this should be forgotten in the present) and that anything coming from that time period MUST be jettisoned because PROGRESS!
  2. Everything MUST be related to race in some fashion.  And when we on the Right say that we don’t care about what color somebody is, we’re branded as being racist because SHUT UP!

Attack and discredit our Founders, their knowledge of history and philosophy, and that they were “old rich white slaveholder men” means that ANYTHING they accomplished must be ignored. After all, anything that doesn’t fit today’s PC morality (not yesterday as today’s may be different and not tomorrow’s because it may be different than today’s) must be EVIL according to the Left.

Yet, history shows a different story:

In Lincoln’s famous 1860 Cooper Union speech, he noted that of the 39 framers of the Constitution, 22 had voted on the question of banning slavery in the new territories. Twenty of the 22 voted to ban it, while another one of the Constitution’s framers–George Washington–signed into law legislation enforcing the Northwest Ordinance that banned slavery in the Northwest Territories. At Cooper Union, Lincoln also quoted Thomas Jefferson, who had argued in favor of Virginia emancipation: “It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation, and deportation, peaceably, and in such slow degrees, as that the evil will wear off insensibly….”

To be sure, the Founding Fathers weren’t abolitionists. But they were overwhelmingly antislavery.

But we don’t hear that, do we?  It doesn’t fit The Narrative.  Remember on this, our nation’s Birthday, there are those that truly believe that because the norms of the day of America’s birth don’t fit the screaming SJWs, all of the ideas born at the same time must be eliminated.  Once they are, we will cease to be the Land of the Free and the Brave.  Instead, we will be the sandbox of the submitted and subjugated – we will have retro’d back to a form of neo-feudalism ruled by a self-appointed Elite.  Just a new form of a Monarchy (by some other PC name).

Unless we ensure that this is NOT where we are going to keep going.  Make no mistake, anyone on the Left is complicit with this mission.  Doubt me?  Go ahead and have them define “Progress” as in “Progress to WHAT?”.  Don’t let them answer with platitudes and talking points – have them define each and every term and do not assume you know what they mean.  After all, they’ve redefined well known words as ‘gay’ and ‘access’ – add to that ‘equality’, ‘opportunity’, and ‘outcomes’.   Others are in the wings, ready to be trotted out.  Don’t get caught by them.

(H/T: Weekly Standard via Instapundit)