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What Do You Believe and Why Do You Believe It?

USA Stressed Flag Cracks

What did the pledge of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor mean to the founders? Is the era; are the people of the era which created the foundation of the United States of America inconsequential? That is what the 1619 project, the media and much of academia would have us believe.

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Which side of the debate are you on?

What is the value of the death of the drug addict, thief, and career criminal, George Floyd? Is all of America worth that one death? Right or wrong is one life, any life, worth ending America? If you feel that way you must greatly respect life. Do you support abortion?

Is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose? Is your right to pursue the things you believe in really summarized by a junkies’ ode? Do you work for the freedom of yourself and others? Is that what motivates you? Certainly, you must respect property rights? Can an economy, any economic system work without property rights?

How do you feel and how do you show it?

If you feel that way how deep must your feelings be for those who fell fighting in the Civil war to preserve the union? Do you care deeply for those who fell in the Spanish American War? How deep must your feelings be for those who fell in WWI, the war to end all wars?

You must have deep abiding feelings be for those who fell in WWII saving you from National Socialism? How deep must your feelings be for those who fell in Korea, though a police action it may be? You must care deeply for those who fell in Vietnam?

How deep must your feelings be for those who fell in the Middle East? I’m sure we see you every Memorial day… remembering our history… honoring those who died preserving for you what you take for granted… that you might live in a free, secure, and prosperous. Did I see you there?

Finding the enemy within

The legacy of the founding generation went largely unchallenged for two centuries. Today it is under assault from educational institutions, media, and the left. According to Smithsonian Magazine, George Washington’s legacy is nothing more than “false teeth, tricorn hats, and nearly 150 slaves.” They should lose their taxpayer funding for that outrageous statement.

CNN suggests Americans no longer should consider the Founders a part of America’s exceptional history. This might make sense coming from CNN if CNN actually thought of America as exceptional. It does not. Or if CNN though America’s history was exceptional. It does not. If you buy the CNN premise, you buy their argument.  Should we rewrite history to what we wish it were instead of trying to remain faithful to objective truth? Which side are you on?

Monuments of the Founding Fathers are being defaced, toppled, and denigrated. This is disrespectful of the struggle that has come before. There is no justification for this blatant disrespect. Simply feeling one must attempt to declare their independence from symbols and ideas that no longer represent them is rationalization. It is a rationalization for anti-social behavior.

If you really felt this way you would be using your energy to build something better for the future. You would be building for your children and grandchildren. Fighting the ghosts of the past would not be a priority. You would be articulating what needs to change. Showing how that can be done would take precedence. You would be holding yourself accountable for making that better future. Would that be a pledge? Is that what is happening in America’s cities today? Which side are you on?