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Some Founders’ Examples

Decision making without a grasp of the impact

Here are some founders’ examples. They did not just talk the talk. They walked the walk. The founders had the vision to create a new system of government. It was something never seen before in world history. They built a nation. They separated from the unjust rule of England and went to something more and better. What are protesters today doing?


Alexander Hamilton was a man of tremendous vision and talent. He helped establish many of the foundational pillars of the American republic. The time following the end of the Revolution was one of doubt and division. The Articles of Confederation were a failure. The 13 states looked to the Constitutional Convention to provide them a stable government. The new nation needed a structure which would ensure both order and freedom.

Hamilton led the charge to make sure that the Constitution would be ratified. He authored 51 of the 85 Federalist essays. Those explanations were largely responsible for convincing states to ratify the Constitution. Hamilton also had a hand in creation of the First Bank of the United States. He had a part of creating the U.S. Mint, and the U.S. Coast Guard. It is understatement to say he was important in promotion of finance. He was also largely responsible for establishing protection of American shipping and commercial interests. He built his vision.


Thomas Jefferson’s scholarship masterfully recognized and communicated the American ethics. It is his articulation of inalienable rights, individual human dignity, and liberty. He largely authored the Declaration of Independence. It severed the 13 colonies’ dependence on Great Britain.

The founders drew on the depth of his wide knowledge of European philosophers. He wove an American fabric.  The yarn stock he used came from Locke and Montesquieu. Jefferson’s Declaration encapsulated the wisest and freest political theories from what had come before. He built on the foundation of knowledge, wisdom and struggle.

Jefferson was our third president. He led America to victory over the Barbary States. Even in the early 19th century America has been under attack by Islam. That remains true today, though many deny the obvious. He strengthened the Navy, and reaffirming America’s declared independence on the world stage.

Why should we remember and care?

Who should Americans today believe? Should we follow those who want to consign the Founding Fathers to the dust bin of history? I think not. Instead, we should support those who want to restore to them their positions of honor and respect.

What motivates the people behind the current drive to denigrate the Founders and erase their legacy? Is it true our history is warped and has deprived modern society of a compass? Is it true our history prevents us a way to gauge its standing and future course? Think about the situation we are in.

The men who created this nation were not infallible demigods. They were men of exceptional intellect, creativity, and moral ambition. The founders strove to achieve a greatness that had never been attempted. They were builders and creators. History does not discard the lessons of the past. We learn most from our mistakes.

We make mistakes because people who do thing, create things have to

Those cancelling, censoring, and tearing down monuments and statues do nothing to make life better for anyone. Instead they cancel national pride, teach sniveling and apology. They lack the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. They destroy where the founders sacrificed their fortunes, time, and even lives. The founders were able to create a nation that is the bastion of freedom around the world. Some founders’ examples remain important today.

Allowing this behavior to continue is a disservice to America and the world. The attempts to destroy American history and our legacy robs young Americans. It knowingly takes away exceptional role models. The founders are the men and women who should be inspiring children to value character. The founders’ examples provide the leadership through example. They are necessary for those wishing to strive for excellence, and to believe in greatness.