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Is Today’s America What the Founders Had in Mind?

Thinking about “first principles.” 

Today seems the right time to be thinking about “first principles.” A first principle is a basic assumption that cannot be deduced any further. First principle thinking is a fancy way of saying “think like a scientist.” Thomas Ricks has a book of the same name that addresses whether today’s America is what the Founders had in mind.

The sheer extent of the degradation of America’s founding principles in America today is breathtaking. The nation’s citizenry once had the character to live under our first principles. We need to clarify what the first principles are, what results they produced and what is at stake.

Today we can no longer pretend. Identity group “anti-discrimination” rules are not compatible with equal protection. They are antithetical to the First Amendment. No longer can we pretend a government that can dole out unfathomable amounts of money will do so without corrupting both those who give and those who receive this false philanthropy.

We now live with the real-world results of implementing leftist ideology. We are all going to get poorer together. It will become increasingly ugly, very quickly. No one can, and still maintain credibility, really deny it. This is why Democrats take refuge in the culture war. The cult is the core of their secular religion. They have nothing left to offer the masses but bread and circuses. The crash cometh…

This has pushed, is pushing, will continue to push people to make significant life changes. People are going to move towards a more meaningful and integrity filled way of life. People will seek other people to join this journey.

Here’s hoping it is also pushing the truly awake people to reach down into the well of first principles. We and some of our lawmakers need to find water in a parched land. This well is an abundant source of life and renewal.

Many people would not seek it if life stayed comfortable. We are like the addict who is awakening to what their drug has brought them. Soon perhaps there will be recognition of what we lost. With luck, we’ll again find the correct path forward. Somehow today just seems the right time to be thinking about “first principles.”