The Law of Unintended Consequences states: “Well, what did you actually EXPECT to happen???”

Sure, a lot of the men that were targeted deserved to be targeted and they took the Perp Walk of Shame all saying they’d learn from this, grow from this, and go after the NRA as penitence (yeah, what else would you expect given that the guilty were Hollywood based. The Feminists, especially Third Wavers, …

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PETA billboard Feminist Eggs Dairy

PETA is Shaming Feminists Who Eat Eggs and Dairy

People Eating Tasty Animals, sorry, (what does PETA stand for again?), have a new campaign. It is aimed at feminists. Who eat eggs. And dairy products. Because eggs and dairy are a product of the abuse of females. Their words, not mine. Can you believe that?

Notable Quote – Mona Charen

(emphasis mine): …What Valenti and other feminists do not see is that many of the traits they despise in modern men — for example, their expectation that they are “entitled to sexual attention” and their attraction to misogynist websites — are outgrowths of the sexual revolution that feminists themselves promoted. By devaluing marriage and family, …

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But both sets of females are doing each action willingly?

It should be rather clear to see which ones are the more intelligent ones. It ain’t the ones trying to promote a Feminist agenda. So the other is merely Progressive (e.g., pulling down values that Normals embrace) (H/T: Powerline)

“Actors Cold Read Facts on FEMINISM Off of a Teleprompter”

Things generally aren’t always cracked up for the Left when facts enter into the equation: “Near the conclusion of the video, another of the actresses, apparently feeling duped, says, “I thought this was like, feminism. … I’m realizing what this is now.”” (H/T: The Blaze)