Teen Vogue: No Such Thing as Biological Sex (So, No Such Thing as "Women's Health Care"?) - Granite Grok

Teen Vogue: No Such Thing as Biological Sex (So, No Such Thing as “Women’s Health Care”?)

the turtle sign sex is a boy

When you get pregnant if you have an ultrasound, and you want to know what you are having, everyone looks for the ‘turtle.’ But according to Teen Vogue none of that matters. The ‘turtle’ might as well be an appendix. A vestigial organ with no purpose.

Because there is no such thing as biological sex.

Biology begs to differ but when your goal is social engineering the science, actual physical human structures, are meaningless.

Teen Vogue even has a video, shared on Twitter and YouTube, to make their case.

The video brings up intersex people but ignores the fact that even they have a biological sex dictated by their DNA. Hilariously, at the end of the video, you see a very confused individual assert that sex is actually defined by personal and political choices that are used to “assign meaning to different parts of our body.”

Remember the gay gene? I guess that doesn’t matter either. Just another political choice. More linguistic voodoo.

As Jim pointed out here the Left has been framing language and debate for decades,

This is called framing the conversation, and whenever we allow statists to define that frame, we lose.  The leftist view of the world is utterly simplistic, but it has been very successful because it taps into people’s innate desire to identify an “other” upon which they can blame the evils of society.

But the left is also good at tripping on its own narratives.

White men are evil, but if there is no gender, then there are no men. And if the DNA that decides who gets “a turtle” and who does not is meaningless, so are DNA that assigns skin tone. 

If we are not men or women, then we can’t be black or white or short or tall.

And while that argument won’t carry much water with the water-carrying leftists does this?

The UN’s globalist sustainability goals invest a lot of attention to women. But Teen Vogue and the whole gender-bender movement tell us there are none. These are cultural and political distinctions that limit us. So, the UN’s goals are the work of bigots. Liberals who support them are too.

And, oh, by the way, the so-called pay gap is not about sex but time, risk, and skill bias. Feminism is a dinosaur perpetuating a hostile stereotype.

[And I guess the left doesn’t really care about turtles.]

And while those things can all be true whatever the science if we are committed to the idea moving forward, the Democrat party needs to accept that their pandering on women’s health care and abortion makes them a bunch of backward, sexist ideologues.

If gender is a spectrum then so is everything that used to be related to it and that has to end.

Or, maybe, there are two sexes and what matters is not letting them have it both ways.

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