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New Age Feminism – Female Chauvinism and Fainting Couches

Christina Hoff Sommers

The party that claims to empower women is systematically reducing them too fragile man-hating snowflakes. The sort that believes all sex is rape but need a safe space if someone tells a joke with a hint of sexual impropriety.

If you doubt me take a three-minute tour of Google Search PIV (Penis in Vagina) and then any female campus forum.

Helen Reddy sang I am a woman. Enjoli was for women who could bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. Modern liberals have reduced ladies to victims and are replacing them with men in dresses.

The only real champions of “women’s rights” (including unborn women) are Conservatives. Who, now and again, find themselves agreeing with Bill Maher.

Maher is a rabid leftist with some contradictions. He has enough sense to know that his profession demands he defend free speech, and he does. He’s also been at the forefront of warning people about the political correctness that has evolved in the Social Justice War. The snowflake intolerance of the diversity movement and modern feminism.

The contradiction is that the political ambitions of those pursuing the other policies he supports require the state to silence speech to which it objects. You can’t have a command and control government and free speech. At least not in any world history with which I am familiar.

The confiscatory power of such a construction turns us into wage slaves. Human nature can be fooled but only for so long. At some point they will rebel, first with words, then actions. If you silence the words, you make it harder for them to organize.

That’s just how supremacy works. So, Maher may one day have to come to terms with that contradiction. But until then, he’s on our side when it comes to Free Speech and the crazy culture that grew out of political correctness.

To that end, he had Christina Hoff Sommers on his HBO program. Hoff Sommers is an intellectual, a Democrat, but a 70’s feminist. And this segment is worth your time. The conversation will arm you with sensible ideas about the neo-feminist intolerance and that debate. Make time to watch or listen.

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