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Here’s A Trump Executive Order I’m Not Sorry to See Canceled

While Trump was deleting regulations (generally), he esentially demanded that the ATF “regulate” bump stocks as machine guns after the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people. The problem is that an Executive Order can’t override, either by deleting or adding to, established Law.

King Newsom

Everyone ‘Here’ Is All Happy Dance That Newsom Just Crowned Himself King

The eco-Socialists at Treehugger joyfully embraced California Governor Newsom’s unilateral Executive Order.  To radically change Californians’ lives by no longer allowing gas-powered vehicles to be sold beginning in 2035. But he also said that gas cars could still be used up to and after that date.

President Imposes a 60 Day Renewable Immigration Ban

President Trump Imposes a 60-Day Ban on Immigration

The President said Tuesday his new U.S. immigration ban would be temporary. It applies to those seeking “green cards” for permanent residency. It is an effort to protect Americans seeking to regain jobs lost because of the coronavirus.