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Equity Requires a Ceiling, Not a Floor

The Democrat-controlled Commission to Study School Funding has issued its final report.  There’s no chance that a Republican-controlled government is going to implement the recommendations of this report.  (At least, one hopes that’s the case, but as  Winnie-the-Pooh would say, you never can tell with Republicans.)


Blogline of the Day – Equity over Freedom

Black Lives Matter rioting is the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution. Remember – Equity is just another word for racial quotas. Freedom is the word that means YOU choose for you and not someone else.

Golden Book AOC Racism

Notable Quote – Equity does not mean Equality

“[E]quity,” (is) a euphemism for racial, gender and other discrimination. It’s the opposite of equal opportunity, it’s demanding equal results even if it means discriminating against some people on the basis of race, ethnicity or other immutable factors.

The Principles of Taxation

The Principles of Taxation

What are the principles of taxation we should follow? It’s our system we should have a voice, right? Come let us reason together. An appropriate tax system is one raising revenue only the core functions of government require. The fundamental principles of our neutral and effective tax system are: Simplicity: The tax code should be …

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