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Due Process

Natasha Irving

No Due Process, No Assumption of Innocence

In Mid Coast Maine there is a district where there is no due process, no assumption of innocence. Maine is adjacent to New Hampshire to our east. It is down east, don’t ya know? Ashe Schow has written an article for the “DailyWire.com” about a Maine prosecutor.

Adam Schiff

The Founders Are Rolling in their Graves

The founders are rolling in their graves. Adam Schiff says the eyes of the founders are on the impeachment proceedings. Conservatives know the heart of the constitution governs the impeachment proceedings. The Democrats want you to accept that courts have no role in impeachments.

Partisan Politics Should Stop

You Just Need Commonsense

Sometimes you need a really good lawyer to understand what’s what but with this impeachment you just need commonsense. Let’s think about the Democrats’ impeachment case against President Donald Trump. It’s obvious the Democrats do not have an offense sufficiently grave for impeachment.

Partisan Politics Should Stop

Partisan Politics Should Stop

Partisan politics should stop when it comes to foreign policy. The strike on Soleimani was about defending America. We need to be behind the president and what he did. Every one of those countries watches our news media. They are seeing what the opposition party is saying.

Impeachment Response

Impeachment Response

Our elected representatives, Shaheen, Kuster, and Pappas behave as they do for three reasons. They love power. They like the sound of their own voices. And the GOP lets them get away with it.

Undoing Due Process

The protections in the original Bill of Rights applied only to the federal government.  So, the federal government couldn’t set up an official religion, or punish you for saying something, or disarm you, or search your home without a warrant, and so on.  But the states could do those things.

Red Flag

Editor Note: much of this post is pulled from a Daily Signal article. The link is now provided and the content from that post is now offset to show its origin. New Hampshire has a “Red Flag” bill in the legislature. The question is whether there is such a thing as correct focus on the …

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